Recovery Boot Camp Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Delray Beach is the natural progression of Healing Properties Sober Living Community’s fifteen years of successfully helping men recover from the seemingly hopeless state of mind and body that comes from drug and alcohol addiction. Healing Properties has been in operation since 2002 and it continues to provide men with a safe, clean, healthy, and structured sober living environment to aid those with combating and overcoming alcoholism and drug addiction. Recovery Boot Camp and Healing Properties are centrally located in Delray Beach, Florida, providing a convenient location to 12-step meetings, employment opportunities, and a half a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. Healing Properties has never been and will never be your average sober living environment. As to remain a tenant, one must be actively attending NA/AA meetings, utilizing a 12-step sponsor, working the 12-steps, interacting with sober supports, and implementing daily living skills necessary for long-term recovery. Tenants are screened and monitored closely to ensure that they are both motivated and serious about their recovery from chemical dependency. The goal of Healing Properties has always been to allow residents an example of how to live life, build a recovery foundation, and set an example to others within the community. Healing Properties’ philosophy has always been and will continue to be based on the genuine principles and traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs.

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Tim Schnellenberger

CEO & Founder


David Zaiff

Lead Recovery Dynamics Instructor & Executive Adminstrator


Lauren Tynes

LCSW, Clinical Director


Rabbi Mark Rotenberg

CADC, CPC, Minister to the Community


Nick Johnson

Communications Director


Brandon Kolbe

Recovery Dynamics Instructor

“Tim has all the hallmarks of a guy you’d want to do business with, or for that matter to call a friend: high integrity, indomitable work ethic, and a genuine desire to create opportunities for others. His follow through and attention to detail is intense, but doesn’t get in the way of his ability to laugh at himself and find the humor in tough situations, as it often does for others who are exceptionally driven. I think that has to do with his own life history and some hard won lessons & humility – in life and in business – a wealth of experience which he clearly draws on and will generously share if asked.”
March 11, 2011

Josh Simpson
Search Marketing Director, Webcast1
“I have observed Tim since start up of Healing Properties manyyears ago.he has continued through these years to sustain a solid reputation in the transitional housing industry for provising quality housing at an affordable price..”
February 9, 2011

Harold Jonas
President, Intervention Strategies, Inc
“Having known Mr. Schnellenberger for over a decade, I can say that his compassion and empathic communication in service towards others is hard to surpass. Helping to bolster and encourage all to do and be the best is part of his “gift”. I say to anyone looking for such characteristics in a guide, they would be hard pressed to find another with such devotion. I encourage anyone looking for change, take the time to listen to this man.”
February 9, 2011

Tom Hahn
Director, TomHahn Transitions
“I am delighted to recommend Timothy Schnellenberger. He would be an excellent additon to any company and would be an asset to any firm looking to hire exceptional people with the goal of growing their business.”
February 9, 2011

Lee Chimerakis
Sr. Vice President, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
“Timothy is the most honest, authentic and devoted person I have ever met. He walks the talk and you always know where you stand. His follow through, professionalism and solution finding skills are off the charts. His passion, creativity, talent, determination and ambition inspire me daily. I am truly blessed to have worked with him and to call him my friend.”
February 8, 2011

Anyssa Jordan
Actor/ Model, Rage Models and Talent
“I remember Timmy from my days with the ‘U’ under his fathers coaching. Timmy was a handfull like all of us at that age. It is with great pleasure to hear and see what GOD has done in his life. Timmy has truly been blessed. He is an example for all of us that our faith in GOD will pull us through. I believe in Timmy and wish him continued success!”
February 8, 2011

Julio Cesar Cortes Student, University of Miami – School of Business
“Timothy Schnellenberger’s Healing Properties offer an environment that is so necessary for those who are reentering a life of sobriety. Timothy and his staff have created surroundings that are nurturing and encouraging. Expectations of residents are realistic as they transition to positive patterns of living and working. Timothy is a visionary who has built Healing Properties with passion and a commitment to excellence.”
February 8, 2011

Suzy Wilkoff
President and Owner, Tasks Unlimited, Productivity and Time Management Consulting
“What can i say about someone who puts their whole heart and soul into what they do in an effort to help others through their personal recovery journey… Tim has a hands on approach that truly exemplifies his desire to mentor and guide newcomers towards a better life. I have had several clients become residents at Healing Properties, and the feedback about their experience there has always been positive! Tim has created a “home-like” environment and treats his residents as family. Honest, caring and available, I can highly recommend the services Tim and his team provide!”
April 23, 2011

Karen P. Rainer, BRI-I
Owner, The Circle of Care Consultants, Inc.
“I have the opportunity to work with many professionals in the treatment industry, but not often is it so that an individual is viewed upon so highly among those around them. Tim is the type of person that will always tell it like it is and remain steadfast to his integrity. As in every business and every industry, there are those few who set themselves apart not because they strive to, but because that’s all they know, and Tim is most certainly a member of the small circle!”
February 8, 2011

Ron Prosky
Marketing Coordinator | Web Resource Management

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