Recovery Boot Camp Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Delray Beach is the natural progression of Healing Properties Sober Living Community’s fifteen years of successfully helping men recover from the seemingly hopeless state of mind and body that comes from drug and alcohol addiction. Healing Properties has been in operation since 2002 and it continues to provide men with a safe, clean, healthy, and structured sober living environment to aid those with combating and overcoming alcoholism and drug addiction. Recovery Boot Camp and Healing Properties are centrally located in Delray Beach, Florida, providing a convenient location to 12-step meetings, employment opportunities, and a half a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. Healing Properties has never been and will never be your average sober living environment. As to remain a tenant, one must be actively attending NA/AA meetings, utilizing a 12-step sponsor, working the 12-steps, interacting with sober supports, and implementing daily living skills necessary for long-term recovery. Tenants are screened and monitored closely to ensure that they are both motivated and serious about their recovery from chemical dependency. The goal of Healing Properties has always been to allow residents an example of how to live life, build a recovery foundation, and set an example to others within the community. Healing Properties’ philosophy has always been and will continue to be based on the genuine principles and traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs.

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Tim Schnellenberger
David Zaiff
Lauren Tynes
Rabbi Mark Rotenberg
Nick Johnson
Brandon Kolbe

Meet Our Team

Tim Schnellenberger, CEO

Tim has owned and operated Healing Properties Sober Living since 2002. He purchased the facilities at Healing Properties and began his work in sober living and rehabilitation as a way of giving back and helping others the way he had been helped. Tim has helped dozens of men find recovery and sobriety through the effective 12-step process and “Big Book” coursework used in Alcoholics Anonymous.

David Zaiff, Lead Recovery Dynamics Instructor & Executive Administrator

Healing Properties alumni, David brings years of administrative and operational knowledge to the Recovery Boot Camp. Growing up in New York City, David struggled with addiction for several years. At Healing Properties, he learned about sobriety and helping others. Through his ability to multitask and efficiently prioritize all administrative tasks, David is a key member of the team at Recovery Boot Camp.

Lauren Tynes, LCSW, Clinical Director

As Recovery Boot Camp’s clinical director, Lauren is responsible for aiding in the development, implementation, and overseeing of all clinical programs at our Delray Beach facility. Lauren graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s of Social Work and a Master of Social Work. She is an active Licensed Clinical Social Worker through the Florida Department of Health. Lauren has many years of experience participating within interdisciplinary teams to ensure the highest quality and continuity of individualized client-centered care in for-profit facilities and federal government agencies servicing the mental health, substance abuse, and veteran populations. Since early childhood, Lauren has experienced passion for helping people. As a firm believer in truth, Lauren is often times confronting clients with what they need to hear and not necessarily what they want to hear. Lauren enjoys helping clients daily with the use of comprehensive and individualized clinical interventions and will continue to ensure the highest possible quality of care with innovative processes provided by Recovery Boot Camp’s program with an overall focus on the health, well-being, and growth of our clients.

Rabbi Mark Rotenberg, CADC, CPC, Minister to the Community

Rabbi Mark Rotenberg, CADC, CPC has been working in the recovery field for over 15 years. He has experience with all types of addiction, intervention and counseling. His focus for the past 8 years has been Spiritual counseling and using psycho/spiritual therapy, with an emphasis on the spiritual awakening or spiritual experience the recovery community sees as the result of 12-step work. By blending spiritual and recovery texts with ancient and modern spiritual disciplines he integrates the pragmatic recovery experience (12-steps) with the inner spiritual resources of the recovering individual to facilitate self-discovery in all aspects of their lives. Mark received his undergraduate education in design at San Jose State University, and worked in the Arts and Design field for 15 years. After finding sobriety Mark started working in recovery. He graduated from UCLA’s addiction counseling program and went on to work full time in recovery. As his own spiritual journey progressed he returned to the faith of his childhood and entered Rabbinic School at the Academy for Jewish Religion in Los Angeles. Battling his own resentments to the faith of his youth Mark formed an open, inclusive theology that worked for his own struggles with life. He became aware that anyone who sought the spiritual and divine could form a proactive personal regime that would guide them in their quest. Mark is currently also working on two recovery based books while actively facilitating Recovery Boot Camp’s night-time intensive outpatient didactic sessions.

Nick Johnson, Director of Communications

Nick is from Delaware County Pennsylvania and struggled with addiction since he was 14 years old. Nick came to Healing Properties when he was 19 and has been a part of the community ever since. As our lead Alumni Coordinator, Nick is responsible for hosting monthly Alumni events, as well as helping men in early recovery bridge the gap from inpatient treatment to aftercare living. Most importantly, he connects current Clients with Alumni who have established themselves in the recovery community, providing a strong network of recovered men for our Clients to use as a resource.

Brandon Kolbe, Recovery Dynamics Instructor

Brandon graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from Stockton University in Pomona, New Jersey. Brandon strives to help those around him better themselves through utilization of his educational and personal life experiences. Here at Recovery Boot Camp, Brandon partakes in both administrative and group facilitator roles. Brandon facilitates evening intensive outpatient group sessions covering each of the 12-steps in AA with the psycho-educational Recovery Dynamics curriculum. Brandon is able to provide clients with in-depth knowledge in addition to providing necessary guidance as clients partake in 12 step recovery within the local community.

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