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Finding Addiction Help in South Florida

Finding the right addiction help in South Florida is easy. All it takes is a little homework. And some good common sense. Here we do the homework for you. Since, you're reading this, we know you've already got good common sense.

Addiction Help in South Florida: What to Look For

  • Proven Track Record

When seeking addiction help in South Florida, you'll want to choose a drug and alcohol treatment center that's got a proven track record of success. How long has a particular rehab been in the recovery business? What's its success rate? How do the facility's testimonials read? Make sure the addiction treatment center in question gets high marks in all three.

  • Strong Affiliations

A reputable South Florida rehab will be affiliated with reputable organizations. We don't get sober by ourselves. And a serious recovery center will recognize the need for strong sober support from outside the facility. Indeed, a true addiction treatment center will know better than to go it alone.

  • Official Accreditation

A reputable South Florida addiction treatment center will also have official accreditation. In fact, a reliable rehab will be sanctioned by governmental and non-governmental agencies. And both its facility and its programs will have passed rigorous inspection.

  • The 12 Steps

Yes, everything you've heard is true. The 12 Steps work. In fact, they work wonders. No matter what the substance abuse. Why else would A.A.'s 12 Step program still be around after over 80 years? A serious South Florida drug and alcohol rehab will know this. And it will 12 Step accordingly.

  • Abstinence

The most successful South Florida rehabs insist on abstinence. Yes, there can be co-existing conditions. And those can be treated accordingly. But it makes little sense for an addiction treatment center to prescribe an addictive to treat addiction.

Getting Addiction Help in South Florida

Have drugs and alcohol wrecked your life? Are you on the out's with your family and friends over your drugging and drinking? Have you lost a job or a home (or both) due to substance abuse? Then you should be getting addiction help in South Florida.

South Florida is home to a thriving recovery community. That means you'll be surrounded by strong sober support, from the time you arrive till the time you decide whether to leave or stay. Of course, many recovering addicts stay. Why? Because they've come to love a life of fun and sun and sobriety.

Recovery Boot Camp addiction treatment center and its adjacent Healing Properties sober living facility have been providing addiction help in South Florida since 2002. And we know how to succeed in sobriety. Want proof? Just check our reviews and testimonials. There you'll find first-hand accounts from all kinds of recovering addicts.

RBC and HP are also reputably affiliated and officially accredited. In fact, we count The Addict's Mom, Recovering Artists Worldwide and Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery among the former. And we count the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) and the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) among the latter. We've even earned the Joint Commission's coveted Gold Seal of Approval and been duly certified by the State of Florida.

Both Recovery Boot Camp and Healing Properties insist on abstinence. And we not only adhere to the principles of A.A., but we practice those principles in all our affairs. If you're ready to become the man you were meant to be, then get in touch with us today!

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