Addiction Treatment for Central Arkansas

Has substance abuse wrecked your world? Do you want to remove yourself from the triggers and temptations that drive your addiction? Are you ready to fully commit to real recovery? Then Recovery Boot Camp is the rehab for you.

Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for Alexander and all across Central Arkansas. No matter how hard addiction has caused you to crash, we can get you on the road to recovery. Sure it takes work. A lot of work. But if you're willing to commit to long-term sobriety, we've got your back.

Some of what Recovery Boot Camp's addiction treatment program includes is:

  • Comprehensive Wellness: to treat mind, body and spirit
  • 12 Step Dynamic: to provide a blueprint for sober living
  • Targeted MAT: to treat specific co-existing conditions
  • One-on-One Counseling: to give you facetime with certified professionals
  • Group Therapy: to prove you're not alone
  • Fellowship: to provide strong and lasting sober support

Recovery Boot Camp is nationally-accredited (NAATP) and highly regarded (ask The Joint Commission). As is our adjacent Healing Properties sober living facility. And between the two, we've been helping addicted men from Central Arkansas and beyond since 2002. That adds up to over 5000 men, in addition to a whole heaping helping of recovery.

Arkansas' Addiction Situation

Arkansas' addiction situation is dire. You know it. We know it. And The Arkansas Rural Health Partnership knows it too. In fact, that's what compelled the group to launch the Arkansas Delta Rural Health Opioid Project. It's also what's compelled addicted men from all across Central Arkansas to seek and complete addiction treatment at Recovery Boot Camp.

Want proof that RBC's Basic Training program works? Just check our rehab reviews. Those reviews come from addicted men just like you. Men who came in on a wing and a prayer. And who are now back home flying high and mighty. And there's not a drink or a drug in sight!

addiction treatment center for alexander

Addiction Treatment Center for Alexander, Arkansas Men

Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for Alexander, Arkansas men who are serious about long-term sobriety. We mean truly serious. Because there's too much at stake to let anything get in the way of recovery -- ours and yours.

Do you want what we've got? Are you ready to go to any length to get it? Then get in touch with us pronto. You'll be damn glad that you did.

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Awesome staff made me feel at home!

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RBC Saved My Life!

I went to Recovery Boot Camp in a hopeless condition. I couldn't stop doing drugs and drinking. I had been to several other treatment centers and i figured all of them were the same. Upon walking through the doors at Recovery Boot Camp, i could tell things were different. All of the staff genuinely cared about how I was doing. But the most amazing thing was how happy the clients were. After going to groups with therapists who truly understood what I was going through trying to get sober, I was supplied with the necessary tools to turn my life around. I haven't looked back and have never been so happy. Thanks RBC!

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