Are you seeking an addiction treatment center for Ambler men? Well, you should know that in 2016, nearly 29 of every 100,000 people in Montgomery County died of drug overdoses. That, of course, includes Ambler. By September 2017 the numbers had grown so large that officials were forced to create the Montgomery County Overdose Task Force.   Then, as Justin Heinze at reports, county officials decided to start mapping the deaths.   One look at the map will tell you why addicts from Ambler and Lansdale, Abington and Salford, Norristown, Pottstown and the rest of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania are seeking addiction treatment at Recovery Boot Camp. And Recovery Boot Camp is also why more and more addicts are returning clean and sober to Ambler and the rest of Montgomery County.   Our Basic Training program was created specifically to combat drug and alcohol abuse. Here at Recovery Boot Camp, we treat the affliction of addiction and deliver the miracle of sobriety.  


  Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for Ambler that is committed to helping drug and alcohol addicts get and stay sober. We offer a fully-immersive, dual-diagnostic, 12 Step dynamic drug and alcohol treatment program. And we've successfully helped thousands of addicted men restore their mental, physical and spiritual health.   Recovery Boot Camp not only offers a way to fight addiction and find a sober life, we provide a design for sober living. Call Recovery Boot Camp addiction treatment center to learn why this is where addicts get and stay clean.  

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