Addiction Treatment Center for Biglerville

Addiction Treatment Center for Biglerville, PA Men

Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for Biglerville, Pennsylvania men who are truly serious about long-term sobriety. We mean, fully committed. Dig? Because without full commitment there's no real recovery. And we're all about real recovery.


Want proof? Check the rest of our addiction treatment center reviews. Then take a peek at our video testimonials. In both places you'll find first-person accounts from addicted men who've gone through our Basic Training program and are now living full and sober lives. Want even more proof? Then check our Vista Page and our Recovery Outcomes Report. There you'll see RBC not only succeeds in sobriety, but we also beat the national recovery average.

How? Well, through that one-of-a-kind Basic Training Program, which includes:

  • One-on-One Counseling: to put you face-to-face with trained recovery professionals
  • Group Therapy: to provide the solidarity of fellow addicts
  • Comprehensive Wellness: to treat mind, body and soul
  • Family Programs: to heal the relationships with those you love most
  • 12 Step Dynamic: to provide an effective blueprint for sober living
  • Targeted MAT: to address any potential co-existing disorders

Again, Recovery Boot Camp is a no-nonsense rehab. That is, we're built by and for addicted men who are fully committed to ditching their demons and enjoying heaven on earth. So, if you're truly serious, then give us a call.

Addiction Treatment for Biglerville and Beyond

Has substance abuse wrecked your life? Have you lost a home or a job due to addiction? Have you replaced family and friends with drugs and alcohol? Well, then it's time to seek effective addiction treatment. That is, the same kind of effective addiction treatment that has helped other Biglerville men rid themselves of substance abuse.

Yes, we mean Recovery Boot Camp, a truly effective addiction treatment center for Biglerville men, as well as for men from all across Pennsylvania and beyond.

Recovery Boot Camp is nationally accredited and certified. We're also affiliated with some of the most reputable outfits in recovery, including The Addict's Mom and Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery. Furthermore, our adjacent Healing Properties sober living facility has been helping addicted men since 2002. And The Schnellenberger Family Foundation sponsors all our family programs.

Do you want what we've got? Are you ready to go to any length to get it? Well, then get in touch with us pronto. You'll be damn glad that you did.

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