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Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for Boca Raton men who are truly serious about sobriety. In fact, we've helped addicted men from all across Palm Beach County. We've also helped addicted men from all around Florida, as well as the rest of the country. We've been effective too. How? Well, by insisting on commitment for one. Then by providing the tools necessary for recovery. Recovery Boot Camp's one-of-a-kind Basic Training program includes:
  • Non-Opioid MAT: to address an co-occurring disorders
  • Health & Wellness: to fully treat mind, body and soul
  • 12 Step Dynamic: as a guide to successful sober living
  • Client Screening: to ensure an adherence to recovery
Recovery Boot Camp is affiliated with Healing Properties sober home (which has been helping addicted men since 2002), as well as the Schnellenberger Family Foundation (sponsor of all our Family Recovery Programs). We're also fully-accredited (FARR, NAATP), and duly awarded (The Joint Commission). addiction treatment center for boca raton

Palm Beach County's Go-To Rehab

Recovery Boot Camp is not just an addiction treatment center for Boca Raton FL men who are serious about sobriety; we're also Palm Beach County's go-to rehab. How'd that happen? By succeeding in sobriety, that's how. And because we've got the evidence to back it up. It's there on our Vista Research Group page, as well as in our Recovery Outcomes Report. Evidence of our effectiveness can also be found in our numerous addiction treatment center reviews and rehab testimonials. And not just any evidence either. But first-person accounts from addicted men who've all gone on to lead full and sober lives. In other words, men who once had nowhere to turn, but who've now turned their lives around. Does that sound like something you'd like to do too? Of course it does. So why not do it? Pick up the phone and find out how we became the go-to addiction treatment center for Boca Raton and beyond. Better still, find out how we can help you become the man you were meant to be all along. Imagine waking in the morning no longer craving drugs or alcohol. Or hitting the bed at night without worrying about the next day's hustle. Picture regaining the respect of your family and your friends, as well as yourself. All because you've rid yourself of addiction once and for all. It can happen. In fact, it will happen. If you're willing to fully commit to your recovery. Sure it takes some work. But at the end of the day aren't you worth it? Of course you are. So is your family. So are your friends. And so is your life.

Call Recovery Boot Camp Addiction Treatment Center for Boca Raton & Beyond at (561) 563-8880

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Extremely helpful

Review of Recovery Boot Camp

My time at RBC has been extremely beneficial in changing the way I live my life. The staff is wonderful from my therapist to the techs. Have all helped in my recovery.

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A new path

Review of Recovery Boot Camp

When I came to Recovery Boot Camp, I had so much shame that I could hardly look people in their eyes. Fears compounded on top of fears and I was in a state of perpetual panic. I was broken and felt there was no hope for me. RBC gave me hope when there seemed no reason to have any.   With so many failed attempts in quick succession, I had become indifferent to the idea of gaining long-term sobriety. I was fairly certain that I would be resigned to live a miserable existence, followed by an early death. It is always darkest before dawn.   What came about in the following months was a radical transformation that I could have never dreamed about. I would come to know true happiness and absolute freedom from the obsession to drink and use drugs. Whereas before, I thought my life was over, I now realized that it was just beginning.   RBC is different in that they target the area of our addiction that other treatment programs fail to address. While we are certainly sick, both physically and mentally, we are suffering from a sickness in our inner souls. It is my firm belief that a true alcoholic cannot get sober, unless they recognize this crucial element.   RBC’s staff of therapists and group facilitators painted a picture of my condition that I hadn’t heard in previous facilities. They helped me to get to the root cause of my addiction. You do not fight your toughest battles without studying your enemy. From a place of understanding, I was much better equipped to tackle this formidable foe.   RBC strongly encourages and enforces full emersion into a 12-step program. Prior to RBC, I was convinced that meetings were the only requirement for the program. RBC was instrumental in making sure that I had a sponsor and that we were working the steps. As they understand and one who thoroughly does the work will come to know, the solution is in the steps.    From the day I stepped foot on the property, people told me that it was different. This was a place where people actually find long-term sobriety. This place radically altered my path. I could not recommend Recovery Boot Camp highly enough.

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