Are you seeking an addiction treatment center for Bonita Springs men? If so, you've likely already entered the chaos of heroin addiction. The crisis was born out of the opioid prescribing frenzy of the ’90s, the pill mills of the 2000s, the foresight of the Mexican drug lords, and the too-late realization that the supposedly safe OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet and their cousins were in truth very, very addictive. And it is harming people from Bonita Springs and beyond.

Indeed, heroin is today’s crack cocaine crisis. It’s everywhere, from Bonita Springs to Fort Myers, Cape Coral and the rest of Lee County.

That’s Jennifer Reed writing in Gulfshore Life. Not only summing up Southwest Florida's addiction problem. But also hinting at why addicted men from Southwest Florida are seeking addiction treatment at Recovery Boot Camp.

More to the point, Recovery Boot Camp is also why more and more addicted men are returning clean and sober to Southwest Florida.


Recovery Boot Camp's fully effective Basic Training program includes:

  • Client Screening: to ensure a safe, productive recovery environment
  • Family Recovery Programs: to help heal rifts between loved ones
  • Life Skills Advising: to assist in righting the day-to-day
  • Non-Opioid MAT: to address any co-occurring disorders
  • 12 Step Dynamic: to show how to succeed in sobriety
  • Recovery Boot Camp offers PHP, IOP, OP and Aftercare, as well as sober living at our adjacent Healing Properties. We're also affiliated with the Schnellenberger Family Foundation. In fact, SFF sponsors all our Family Recovery Programs. And yes, we are fully accredited (FARR, NAATP and The Joint Commission).

    addiction treatment center for bonita springs


    Have drugs and alcohol driven you away from family and friends? Have you gone broke because of substance abuse? Has your life spiraled out of control due to addiction? Then you need an effective rehab.

    Recovery Boot Camp is that rehab. And we will be that rehab so long as there are men in need of help. We're serious. We're committed. And we're effective. All we ask is that you also be serious and committed to recovery. We'll guide you through from there.

    Don't just take our word for it though. Take the word of the men who've completed Basic Training and are now leading full and sober lives. Men who came in broke and broken, and who now find themselves whole again, in every aspect. Men who once couldn't go a day without a drug or a drink, and who now recoil from both as if from a hot flame. Why? Because they don't need either for one. And because now that they know what both can do, they've chosen to do without.

    You can read all about those men in our many rehab reviews. You can even watch them tell their stories in our numerous video testimonials. And if you're more a numbers person, you can find actual evidence of our effectiveness on our Vista Research Group page, as well as in our Recovery Outcomes Report.

    Or you can simply give us a call. Find out how we became the go-to addiction treatment center for Bonita Springs and beyond. Better still, find out how we can help you become the man you were meant to be all along.

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    Recovery Boot Camp taught me more than I ever thought a treatment center can teach me. Indulging in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous from day one and being required to get a sponsor and work the 12 steps saved my life. As I was going through the step work and going the the recovery Dynamics groups really helped break down what each step meant and how to go through it thoroughly. Each group had a purpose. From the morning reflection read which I was able to really look at my past actions and learned my part in every situation good or bad and grow from it. I gained self confidence again in doing group therapy sessions and one on one sessions. Continuing with the IOP program helped me learn on how to continue to grow as an individual and have the urge to drink or use removed was a miracle. The staff was so welcoming and non judgmental I am proud to be an alumni and will always consider RBC/Healing Properties home.

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