addiction treatment center for crossett

Addiction Treatment Center for Crossett, Arkansas Men

Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for Crossett, Arkansas men who are ready to fully commit to recovery. We mean addicted men who are truly serious about long-term sobriety. And who are willing to do the work to achieve real recovery. In fact, RBC has helped addicted men from all across Arkansas and beyond. So has our adjacent Healing Properties sober living facility. And we'll continue to help addicted men so long as there's substance abuse. Recovery Boot Camp's Basic Training Program includes:
  • One-on-One Counseling: to give you personal time with trained recovery professionals
  • Group Counseling: to reaffirm the fact that you're not alone
  • Family Therapy: to help heal your family, and repair your relationships
  • Comprehensive Wellness: to treat mind, body and soul
  • Targeted MAT: to address co-existing conditions
  • Various Program Lengths: including PHP, IOP, OP and Aftercare
Recovery Boot Camp has become the go-to rehab for Arkansas men because we don't let anything interfere with recovery -- ours and yours.


Has addiction upended your life? Have you hit rock bottom because of drugs and alcohol? Are you on the outs with friends and family over your substance abuse? Then it's time you got addiction treatment from a reputable rehab. Recovery Boot Camp is that rehab. RBC is nationally-accredited (NAATP), and Gold Seal-approved (The Joint Commission). Furthermore, we're aligned with the likes of The Addict's Mom and Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery, as well as the Schnellenberger Family Foundation (SFF). In fact, SFF sponsors all of our family programs. Do you want what we've got? Are you ready and willing to go to any length to get it? Then get in touch with us pronto. You won't regret it.

The Go-To Addiction Treatment Center for Crossett, Arkansas Men

Recovery Boot Camp has become the go-to addiction treatment center for Crossett, Arkansas men by working a strong recovery program and insisting our clients do likewise. We don't coddle. We don't pander. And we don't cotton to half-asses. Why? Because lives are at stake, thats why. Ours and yours. In fact, it's RBC's seriousness that ensures we succeed in sobriety. Want proof? Check our addiction treatment center reviews and our rehab testimonials. There you'll find first-person accounts from addicted men just like you. Men who came in with nothing but hopes and dreams, and who have now gone on to fulfill both. Really.

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