Choosing a suitable addiction treatment center for Frederick, Maryland men may not be easy, but it doesn't have to be difficult either. Especially if you take into consideration some key components of the recovery center in question.

First, make sure the rehab you're considering is abstinence-based. Sure there can be benefits to using Medicine Assisted Treatment during detox, or even in treating certain co-existing disorders. But there's no sense in substituting one addiction for another. None whatsoever.

Next, make sure the recovery center up for your consideration has a proven track record. A reputable rehab will have numerous reviews and testimonials attesting to its success. It will also have evidence-based outcomes that reinforce those reports.

You'll also want to note a given rehab's affiliations. What organizations have aligned with the addiction treatment center? Are they the kind of outfits you can support? The best recovery centers ally themselves with the best recovery organizations.

Accreditation is also a key component when considering an addiction treatment center. Has the rehab been accredited by local, state and national organizations? Has it earned proper recovery certification? If so, then that's a major plus.

Another good thing to consider are the 12 Steps. Does the rehab adhere to A.A.'s practices and principles? Do they insist their clients make meetings, get a sponsor and work the 12 Steps? There's a good reason why folks stick with A.A.'s design for living. It has been helping addicts and alcoholics get clean and stay sober for nearly a century.

Last, check the recovery center's programs. Are they intensive? Are they built upon fellowship? Do they include the family? Are they geared toward long-term sobriety? An a "yes" to all of the above will ensure you've made the right choice.

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Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for Frederick, MD men who are serious about sobriety. And yes! We meet all of the above criteria -- and then some!

To wit:

  • RBC is abstinence-based. First, because we've admitted we are powerless over drugs and alcohol. Second, because don't believe in substituting one addiction for another.
  • RBC has a proven track record. Want proof? Check our addiction treatment center reviews and our client testimonials. Better still, check our Vista Page and its concomitant Recovery Outcomes Report.
  • RBC is affiliated with some of the best and the brightest organizations in the recovery community, including The Addict's Mom and Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery. RBC also runs transitional treatment services through our adjacent Healing Properties sober living facility.
  • Recovery Boot Camp has been accredited by the Florida Division of Children and Families, as well as the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. RBC is also recipient of The Joint Commission's coveted Gold Seal of Approval.
  • RBC adheres to A.A.'s 12 Step principles. In fact, we practice those principles in all our affairs. Furthermore, we insist our clients make meetings, get a sponsor and work the 12 Steps beginning on day one. We also encourage them to continue working A.A.'s program after they've completed Basic Training.
  • Speaking of which... our one-of-a-kind Basic Training program is intensive, as well as fully immersive. Like A.A., it is founded upon fellowship. It also extensively includes family. In fact, our family programs are all sponsored by our affiliated Schnellenberger Family Foundation. So you could say our recovery is a family affair.

Are you truly ready for long-term sobriety? Then get in touch soonest. You'll be damn glad that you did. So will your family and friends. And so will everyone else in your life.

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Great place to get sober

Review of Recovery Boot Camp

I went to alot of places before this and have never been to one that actually wants you to get better like this place. The people and staff are great here and I dont think I ever would of got sober if I didnt find out about this place. I'm actually happy today and am able to deal with real life problems as they come today. If your serious about being sober this is the place to go.

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Joe p

Review of Recovery Boot Camp

Great place. Not the typical south Florida treatment center

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Review of Recovery Boot Camp

RBC saves lives. Structured living for those seeking sobriety.

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Saved My Life

Review of Recovery Boot Camp

Recovery Boot Camp is head and shoulders above the rest of the treatment industry. Each staff member there is entirely dedicated to working with recovering alcoholics and addicts. I was able to learn a lot not only from meetings with my therapist, but also in group meetings. The group meetings focus on twelve steps which finally got me to believe that long-term sobriety was possible for me. I cannot say enough about what this place has done for my life! Would recommend to anyone having trouble with alcoholism and addiction!

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