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Are you seeking an addiction treatment center for Haddonfield, NJ men? What about the rest of Camden County? Say Brooklawn, Cherry Hill or Pennsauken? Are you also seeking reputable addiction treatment? You should be. Before it's too late.

Think about it. Last fall Camden medics revived 16 heroin overdose victims --- in one hour? That's right. Sixteen OD's in a single hour. That's more than one overdose every four minutes.  Worse, according to the report from ABC10, that’s not even the whole story.

So you see why addicted men from Haddonfield, as well as Brooklawn, Cherry Hill, Pennsauken and the rest of Camden County, New Jersey are seeking addiction treatment at Recovery Boot Camp. And get this: Recovery Boot Camp rehab center is why more and more addicts are returning clean and sober to Camden County and the rest of South Jersey.

No foolin.'

With a Basic Training program created specifically to combat drug and alcohol abuse, Recovery Boot Camp addiction treatment center treats the affliction of addiction and delivers the miracle of sobriety. And don't you wanna experience the miracle of sobriety? Of course you do.

RBC succeeds in recovery by integrating a combination of:

  •  Comprehensive Health & Wellness
  • The 12-Step Dynamic
  • One-on-One & Group Counseling
  • Life Skills Advising
  • Family Recovery Programs
  • Targeted MAT
  • Strong Sober Support


Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for Haddonfield men who are ready to get sober -- and stay sober. We offer a fully-immersive, dual-diagnostic, 12 Step dynamic drug and alcohol treatment program that has successfully helped thousands of addicted men restore their mental, physical and spiritual health. In fact, we're the kind of addiction rehab center that not only offers a way to fight addiction and find a sober life, but we also provide a design for sober living.

Recovery Boot Camp addiction treatment center. We are Sober AF!

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I am an employee at recovery boot camp as well as in recovery myself. During my journey in recovery, I have found a passion to help other alcoholics/addicts. I knew that I wanted to make a living helping others. When it came to finding a job in the treatment industry, the clear choice was Recovery Boot Camp . I have never come across a treatment center that is as hands on with clients as they are here. Staff including the owner are always available and approachable. I admire how Recovery Boot Camp not only suggests the 12-step work and sponsorship, but Recovery Boot Camp actually enforces it. When you or your loved one eventually finishes treatment, meetings and the 12 steps will be vital to long term recovery, so it is important that they get involved with the 12 steps early in recovery. There is a reason why the alumni that constantly stop by, refer to Recovery Boot Camp as “hallowed grounds”. This place has not only changed my life, but also changed a countless number of others as well.

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Review of Recovery Boot Camp

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