Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for Jacksonville, Florida men who are truly serious about sobriety. We're abstinence-based, and by-the-Big-Book. That means we work the 12 Steps, and we insist our clients get a sponsor and work the 12 Steps too. In fact, our one-of-a-kind Basic Training program is based upon A.A.'s practices and principles. And that's because the Big Book provides a blueprint for clean and sober living.

How do we know this? Because every member of Recovery Boot Camp's staff is in recovery. And each and every one of us has experienced the miracle of sobriety. Being in recovery also means we've been there and done that, so we can completely identify with your addiction. Better still, we can help guide you toward becoming the man you were meant to be all along.

Want proof? Just check our addiction treatment center reviews and testimonials. There you'll find first-hand accounts of the effectiveness of RBC's recovery programs. If you'd like a more evidence-based  overview of RBC's recovery results, then you can check our Vista Page and Recovery Outcomes Report. There you'll see we not only succeed in sobriety, but we beat the national recovery average too.


Has addiction kept you from being responsible? Has substance abuse prevented you from fulfilling your dreams? Have you been putting off for tomorrow what should have been done yesterday because of drugs and alcohol? Then it's time you found a reputable rehab and reclaimed your life.

Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for Jacksonville men who are ready to fully commit to recovery. We're clean. We're sober. And we're serious. We have to be. Because lives depend upon it. Mostly, we provide the tools you need to beat your addiction so you can become the man you were meant to be. Sure, it takes work. But aren't you and your friends and your family worth it? Of course you are. And they are too.

Remember, it's never too late t0 live a full and sober life. Get in touch and we'll tell you how.

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