You’ve heard the horror stories -- by the thousands. So you know the need for an effective addiction treatment center for Little Rock and beyond. Arkansas’s Attorney General Leslie Rutledge confirms this. The AG said the numbers are astounding, but it is also unbelievable the number of lives lost every single year. Lives lost not just because they have passed away and overdosed, but because they're no longer able to function in society.

“They have [been] absolutely crippled by their own addictions,” she said.

That’s the gist of a special opioid epidemic report put together by Little Rock’s THV11. And the report doesn’t stop there.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, Arkansas has the second highest opioid prescription rate in the country. How high? Well, 114.6 prescriptions written for every 100 residents in the state. That’s the equivalent of 250 million opioids prescribed for three million people in one year. Rutledge said the reason why we have seen this increase in the epidemic is due to the sheer volume of prescriptions available, as well as the accessibility of young people with addictions to acquire them.

These addictions are resulting in scenes that were only seen in movies. It takes one life being saved and getting a second chance to make a difference.

It’s not too late. Call Recovery Boot Camp now, enroll in our one-of-a-kind Basic Training program, and get a second chance to make a difference -- in your life, and in the lives of those you love.


Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for Little Rock men who are truly serious about sobriety. We help drug and alcohol addicts get sober -- and stay sober. In fact, over the years Recovery Boot Camp (and our adjacent Healing Properties sober house) has successfully helped thousands of addicted men restore their mental, physical and spiritual health. We not only offer a way to fight addiction and find a sober life, but we also provides a design for sober living.

Find out why Recover Boot Camp has become the go-to addiction treatment center for Little Rock men who want to become the men they were meant to be.

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