Recovery Boot Camp provides top-notch addiction treatment for Naples men who are truly ready for long-term sobriety. In fact, we've helped addicted men from all across Collier County, as well as the rest of Florida. And so long as they remain committed to recovery, each and every one of those men is now leading a full and sober life.

Recovery Boot Camp's fully-immersive Basic Training program includes:

  • Comprehensive Wellness: so you can treat mind, body and soul
  • Extensive Coursework: so you can learn the dynamics of addiction
  • Group Counseling: to address the social aspects of substance abuse
  • One-on-One Counseling: to address the personal aspects of substance abuse
  • Family Recovery Programs: to restore your relationship with loved ones
  • Recovery Boot Camp is the natural extension of Healing Properties sober home, which has been helping addicted men find sobriety since 2002. We're also affiliated with the Schnellenberger Family Foundation. In fact, SFF sponsors all our Family Recovery Programs. RBC is fully-accredited (FARR, NAATP). We're also duly awarded (The Joint Commission).

    addiction treatment center for naples

    Addiction Treatment Center for Naples

    Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for Naples men who are ready to get and stay sober. We mean fully-focused men. Men who are done having nowhere to turn, and who instead want to turn their lives around. We are a no-nonsense rehab. That is, we're serious about sobriety. Why? Because lives are at stake -- ours and yours.

    Indeed we succeed by that seriousness. And one look at RBC's Recovery Outcomes Report, you'll see our effectiveness exceeds the national recovery average. Of course, recovery is about more than numbers. It's also about men. And our rehab reviews and video testimonials provide first-person accounts from men behind those numbers.

    Have you lost a job or a home due to addiction? Has your life spun out of control because of substance abuse? Have drugs and alcohol taken the place of your family and your friends? Then it's time you sought the help of an effective rehab.

    Recovery Boot Camp is that rehab. We're serious. We're successful. And we're sober AF! In fact. that's how we became that rehab!

    Do you truly want what we've got? Are you really ready to go to any length to get it? Then get in touch with us asap, if not even sooner. Find out how we became the go-to addiction treatment center for Naples, Florida and beyond. Better still, how we can help you become the man you were meant to be all along.

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