Addiction Treatment Center for New Haven, Indiana Men

Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for New Haven men who are totally committed to recovery. In fact, we've helped addicted men from all around the Fort Wayne area, and throughout the rest of Indiana as well. RBC is fully-immersive, and completely comprehensive. That means, we treat the affliction of addiction from inside and out, and we do so with our one-of-a-kind Basic Training program. No, RBC is not for sissies. It's for men who are serious about long-term sobriety. Men who are ready to become the man they were meant to be all along. No foolin.' Recovery Boot Camp has a proven track record, just like the 12 Step program upon which we base our addiction treatment. In fact, each and every one of us has found The Big Book to be an effective blueprint for sober living. That's why we practice A.A.'s principles in all our affairs. The 12 Steps also helps restore the spirit. Add in wellness for the body and one-on-one therapy for the mind, and you've got a perfect trifecta. It's called the miracle if sobriety. And there's no shortage of great goodness that it brings about. Got doubts? Take a peek at our addiction treatment center reviews and our video testimonials. And any doubts you might have will quickly be put to rest.

Stop Your Substance Abuse

Imagine waking in the morning and not craving drugs or alcohol. Imagine going to be at night without regrets. Now imagine living each day with your head held high, and the respect of your friends and your family, as well as co-workers and employers. That's all possible. If you stop your substance abuse. Recovery Boot Camp is the place that will help you do just that. We're an addiction treatment center for New Haven, Indiana men who are ready to lead full and sober lives. Men who are seriously seeking to win the battle against addiction. Men who no longer want to be brought down by substance abuse. In other words, men just like you. Do you want what we've got? Are you willing to go to any length to get it? Then get in touch with us pronto. You'll be damn glad that you did.

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