Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for New Providence men who are serious about long-term sobriety. In fact we've helped me from all over Union County, as well as the rest of New Jersey. Recovery Boot Camp is abstinence-based, so you won't have to worry about substituting one addiction for another. And we're steeped in the 12 Step traditions, so you'll work from a proven blueprint for sober living. Even our one-of-a-kind Basic Training program is based upon the 12 Steps. And we practice A.A.'s principles in everything we do. Why? Because we've found ithey work wonders.

Recovery Boot Camp also removes you from the people, places and things which drive your addiction, and eliminates obstacles to your recovery. In addition to distance, we give you time to fully focus on your sobriety. And to do so through the fellowship and encouragement of strong sober support. RBC also provides a comprehensive wellness program, as well as all the healthful advantages of a beachside community.

Mostly though, RBC succeeds in sobriety. And we've got loads and loads of addiction treatment reviews to prove it. We've also got video testimonials, plus the evidence-based data provided from Vista Research Group.

If you're ready to become the man you are meant to be, get in touch with us today!


Has substance abuse turned your life upside down? Is addiction destroying your relationships with your family and your friends? Have you lost a job or a home because of drugs and alcohol? Then it's time for you to seek addiction treatment.

Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for New Providence men who are ready for a full and sober life. We provide the guidance. We provide the distance. And we provide the tools necessary for recovery. All we ask is that you fully commit.

Think about it? Rising in the morning and not craving drugs or alcohol. Going to bed at night with a clean conscience. Being able to sleep without the constant worries brought about by substance abuse. Doesn't that sound terrific? It is terrific. And it can all be a part of your terrific life. Give us a call to find out how.

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