Addiction Treatment Center for Schenectady Men

Recovery Boot Camp is an addiction treatment center for Schenectady, New York men who are truly serious about recovery. That means you need to be fully-committed to sobriety. Why? Because your life depends upon it. And so does ours.

Recovery Boot Camp is affiliated with Healing Properties sober home (where many of our graduates transition) and the Schnellenberger Family Foundation (sponsor of all our family recovery programs).

Recovery Boot Camp's one-of-a-kind Basic Training Program includes:

  • One-on-One & Group Counseling: from highly-trained recovery professionals
  • Non-Opioid Medication-Assisted Treatment: for co-existing disorders
  • Comprehensive Health & Wellness: to strengthen mind, body and soul
  • 12 Step Dynamic: because A.A. has worked for nearly a century
  • Recovery-Friendly Community: amid a strong, sober support network

Here's proof that Recovery Boot Camp's also an effective addiction treatment center:

Indeed, RBC offers all the proof you need, be it first-person or evidence-based. In fact, we pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our addiction treatment program. We're even more proud of our many alumni. Why? Because there's nothing like seeing a man become the man he was meant to be. It's that simple. It's also our goal, as well as our motto.

Doesn't that sound like something you want too?

addiction treatment center for schenectady

Get Help with Addiction

Have you lost a job or a home because of addiction? Has substance abuse taken a family member or friend? Do you want to remove yourself from the triggers and temptations that keep you abusing drugs and alcohol? Are you really truly ready to commit to recovery? Then Recovery Boot Camp is the rehab for you.


Recovery Boot Camp has become the go-to addiction treatment center for Schenectady and beyond by adhering to one simple objective -- that is, helping addicted men become the men they were meant to be from the get. Yes, it takes work. (That's why we've got Basic Training.) Yes, it takes guidance. (That's why we work the 12 Steps.) And yes it takes knowledge and understanding. (That's why we have counselling.) Beyond all the work and the guidance though, there is new life. Once we find true knowledge and understanding, there is a real future.

No foolin.'

Do you truly want what we've got? Are you really ready to go to any length in order to get it? Then get in touch with us asap, if not even sooner. Why? Because you deserve it. And so does everyone else in your life.

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