Recovery-oriented Lifestyle

Provided they meet medical necessity, have completed a fifth step in AA, and are engaged within a recovery-oriented lifestyle client will transition to the Aftercare / Outpatient Phase of treatment. Clients will have 3-6 months of abstinence from substances. Aftercare / Outpatient is approximately 12 weeks in length and is important to provide support to clients who are transitioning into an early recovery environment.

Implementing Behavioral skills

Clients in Aftercare / Outpatient will continue to implement learned coping and behavioral skills from previous phases. Clients will continue to live within our sober living environment.  Clients will receive 3 hour of groups a week and continue to utilize their therapist at least once a week.

In Aftercare / Outpatient, clients will identify healthy recovery goals, which include eventual attainment of rental housing, maintaining employment, and pursuance of educational goals to support needed qualities of purpose, meaning, and connection.

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