It can be easy to feel that no one in the world really cares about us. The truth is more complicated: people are generally able to care a lot, but they need to hear a clear sign of distress first - something we're often too inhibited or modest to give. We should learn to (as it were) scream for help when we're really in trouble. People will generally come running.

Nowhere is that more evident than with addiction, which too often leaves the addict feeling desperate and alone. But we at Recovery Boot Camp want you to know that's not the case. You are not alone. If you are in the throes of substance abuse and seek recovery, our treatment center is here for you. All you've got to do is tell us.

Better yet, yell real loud. To everyone within earshot. Take a cue from the following clip put together by the great good folks at The School of Life. You'll be surprised at how many people come running.

The next time we are in trouble, we must remember not to hate ourselves for requiring help and should call out, hopeful in the knowledge that most people around us will respond to our pain once it reaches their ears. We need to remember to scream a little louder – and hate ourselves a little less.

Featured Image: Edvard Munch "The Sick Child" (1885-86, 1907)

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