bam margera ditched rehab

Yep, you read correctly. Bam Margera ditched rehab. Or, as they say in the trade, went AMA. After only 10 days, no less. So it was most likely was against medical advice. It certainly was against the advice of Bam's family and friends.

Why Bam Margera Entered Rehab

Last week we provided a few reasons why Bam had gone back to rehab. Well, we posited a few likely possibles anyway. We mentioned the 2000+ person Christmas blowout where Bam reportedly set the furniture on fire. And we mentioned Bam's getting robbed at gunpoint in Colombia, which did indeed spurred him to at least pick up a beer or three. We also mentioned the 2011 DUI death of Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn, which had previously caused Bam to relapse.

We didn't come to any solid conclusions behind the move. Like all things involving addiction, Bam's decision to re-enter rehab was highly likely to be the result of a combination of factors. Chief among them were the encouragement of family and friends. And when the people most closest to a person intervene on the side of rehab, well, rehab is probably where that person needs to go.

One of those rehab-favoring friends is former Jackass co-star Brandon Novak. In fact, Bam's buddy is not only decidedly pro-rehab, but he's also worried that the early departure has put his pal in danger.

Novak, who's been clean and sober since March, 2015, said some of Bam's family and friends staged an intervention last year because they were so worried about his excessive drinking. Now that Bam's fled the coop, so to speak, he's even more worried. Novak's not buying Bam's litany of excuses either.

Why Bam Margera Ditched Rehab

Bam's lengthy diatribe justifying his departure was a beaut. Coming in at eight handwritten pages and posted on Instagram, Bam's many reasons for leaving are what you might expect from a creative battling addiction. In Bam's case, the problem seems to revolve around drinking. And Bam's first excuse was he didn't need any detox or medication to kick his alcohol cravings.

Bam's consequent excuses are as actual as they are existential. Bam says he was bored in rehab. Dangerously bored. Not uncommon for anyone in early-stage addiction treatment. Bam put his own spin on it though.

"By day number 5 in rehab I realized when I am bored is when I drink," the note reads.

"Well in rehab I am bored 50 percent of the time. When boredom sets in and alcohol is off limits I get creative as f*ck. An explosion of good ideas, exercise, skate, workout, yoga, hike, bike way more. Because I don't like to sit stagnant!"

Bam further explained that he was restless to get back in action. That he's missing lucrative business opportunities. And that rehab made him feel utterly unproductive. Furthermore, Bam beefed that the rehab denied him permission even to speak with business colleagues or collaborators.

Prohibiting business calls is of course simply a standard order of rehab procedure, especially in the early days of recovery. It helps allow an addict to fully focus on the problem at hand. Bam knows this. After all, it was his third time in an addiction treatment center. Granted, being suddenly cut off from a world of opportunities can be incredibly frustrating. But it's an essential component of every treatment program.

Bam however claims the restrictions were holding him back -- from action, as well as sobriety.

"I am having great fun remembering how to come up with a productive endeavor without alcohol stepping in my way to ruin it again," ends the note. "I am on a mission, thanks to the rehab, bye to the rehab. Now off I go to finish what I started."

Best of Luck Bam!

We at Recovery Boot Camp wanna wish Bam Margera the very best of luck. We might not agree with his decision to ditch rehab after only 10 days. In fact, we vehemently disagree with it. But we respect his decision. Who knows? Maybe the quickie dose of addiction treatment is enough of a wake-up call. Maybe it isn't. He won't know till he tries it. And neither will anyone else. Whatever happens, Bam seems to have a strong support group around him. Let's hope it gives him the strength to find true sobriety.

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