Basic Training is a unique and educational method by which facilitators and counselors break down the Twelve Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous into carefully sequenced group sessions. The goal of RBC’s Basic Training curriculum is for each client to have a distinct understanding of the events that should be occurring on his 12 Step journey. Our clients will be able to identify their problem, define their solution, and gather insight into actions that will help them realize long term recovery. We want to ensure that every client who comes through our doors has both a working knowledge of the Big Book (the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous) and is properly armed with the facts about himself.

  Over the course of one Basic Training cycle, our facilitators guide the alcoholic and addict through each of the 12 Steps. Working chronologically from the Big Book, as well as The Steps We Took*, our clients are taught both the cognitive program of action presented by Alcoholics Anonymous and the origins of its founding. Our facilitators discuss each of the 12 Steps in detail, explaining how and why it is necessary to complete them. Clients are interactively taught how to accomplish each necessary task within a particular Step and are educated on what the result should be when the Step is completed.

  Basic Training doesn’t replace the sponsor-sponsee relationship; it enhances that relationship. Its purpose is to reinforce the principles of the 12 Step program and serve as a resource for any alcoholic or addict seeking long term recovery. It provides a forum for clients to ask questions about their Step Work and to seek recovery advice from their peers, facilitators and counselors, all the while enriching and concretizing their own 12 Step experience.

    *The Steps We Took: An unofficial companion to the official text of Alcoholics Anonymous, this book is perfect for those who find the original text of the Big Book hard to understand due to the language and style of the 1930s. Joe McQ guides readers through the Big Book, extracting deeper meaning and employing a modern set of lenses through which to see the steps and how to "work" them. It serves as a study guide for working a strong 12 Step Program, and a valuable tool for any alcoholic or addict to have in their recovery toolbox.

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David Zaiff: Lead Basic Training Instructor

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