Basic Training is a unique and educational method which breaks down Alcoholics Anonymous' Twelve Step program into carefully sequenced group sessions. The goal is to provide each client a distinct understanding of the events that should be occurring on his 12 Step journey. We help clients identify their problem, define its solution, and gather insight necessary to realize long term recovery. Every client who comes through our doors receives a working knowledge of A.A.'s Big Book. And he leaves properly armed with the facts about himself.


Over the course of one Basic Training cycle, our facilitators guide the alcoholic and addict through each of the 12 Steps. We work chronologically from the Big Book, as well as The Steps We Took*. And we teach our clients both the cognitive program of action presented by Alcoholics Anonymous and the origins of its founding. The course details how and why it is necessary to complete each of the 12 Steps. Then it provides the tools to accomplish all of the given tasks. Basic Training doesn’t replace the sponsor-sponsee relationship; it enhances that relationship. Its purpose is to reinforce the principles of the 12 Step program. And in the end to serve as a resource for any alcoholic or addict seeking long term recovery. Clients are given a forum to ask questions about their Step Work. They're also given the opportunity to seek recovery advice from their peers, facilitators and counselors. This, in turn, enriches and concretizes their own 12 Step experience. *The Steps We Took: Joe McQ's unofficial companion to A.A.'s Big Book is perfect for those who find the original 1930s text a little hard to get. This book is a valuable tool for any alcoholic or addict to have in their recovery toolbox. Alcohol Rehab Delray Beach David Zaiff: Lead Basic Training Instructor

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