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There is really only one way to rank as the best addiction treatment center. And that is to provide the most effective addiction treatment possible.

The Best of All Possible Recovery Worlds

We live in the best of all possible worlds. Always have. Always will. That's what Dr. Pangloss believed anyway. And the perennial optimist spent all of Voltaire's Candide reminding everybody of that fact.

The good doctor also spent the whole book consistently insisting that when it comes to the best of all possible worlds, all is always for the best. That even apparently bad things happen for good reason. And that good reason governs everything. That, at the end of the day, things will work out for -- yes! -- the best. And to believe otherwise would be a complete waste of time.

This kind of belief system is really about nothing more and nothing less than faith. You can believe God knows what's good for the world. Or you can believe that the world knows what's good for itself. It makes no difference. The world will turn the best way possible.

So how does this play out in recovery? Is it possible that the loss, the hurt and the heartache is all for the best? How about the lying and the cheating and the stealing that often precedes recovery? Might they too be considered the best that could happen? What about overdoses and arrests? Best and best?

Turns out yes. Without loss and hurt and heartache there'd be no gain or comfort or contentment. There'd also be no true joy. Without the lying and the cheating and the stealing that often accompanies active addiction, it would be impossible to recognize truth and integrity and honesty, let alone reap their inherent rewards. And when it comes to overdose and arrest, well, life is seldom sweeter than after standing on the threshold of death, just as freedom is most glorious after being locked in a keyless cage.

The Best of All Recovery Centers

Recovery Boot Camp didn't just wake up one day and say we're the best addiction treatment center. In fact, we went well out of our way to avoid even using such a superlative. Instead we worked long and hard at simply being the best. Not just doing what needed to be done to help men get better (though there was that). And not just doing what needed to be done to provide the best recovery experience (though there was that too). But doing what needed to be done so that men could go on and lead the best of all possible lives in the best of all possible worlds.

That's right, we took a page from Candide. Actually, we cribbed the whole book. Which means we essentially threw our weight behind faith. Like Dr. Pangloss, we believed in the essential goodness of the world. That wrong turns led to right paths. That harmful habits begat healthy routines. And that bad things happened to good people, first so they wouldn't suffer anything even worse, and second so they'd be able to better recognize the good things. In short, we believed that all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds. And that if we do our best then the best of all possible worlds will be ours.

But even after all that optimism, we never once considered calling ourselves the best. Ever. Instead we let others do that for us. We asked alumni to explain what happened, what it looked like and what it looked like now that they were clean and sober. And we recruited the most reputable recovery research institute and had them chart our clients' sobriety. Basically, we got RBC grads to chime in from their fulfilling new lives. And in the end it was those men who considered us the best. Our only requirement was that by best they meant effective. Because when it comes to recovery, there is no best without actual success.

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If you or a loved one is battling addiction, you'll want the absolute best addiction treatment. So please, by all means, give us a call. Let us help you do the best, be the best and reap the rewards of the best of all possible worlds. It'll be the best move you make.

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