1. Hi Beverly, It’s Kathie Sikes thank you for your message of hope.. Your story sounds like mine with Tommy. He was in all the treatment center starting with South Miami Hospital twice its funny how the first time you think they are fixed? But after all the short term programs, Tommy went to long- term in Mississippi. He only stayed 4 months then one of his girlfriends parents who he convinced he was in a terrible place went & got him out. He’s been in jail many times finally I called the police unfortunately he ran & after hours of being in the river feet & hands handcuffed they got him & one of the 5 beat him.I didn’t know because I refused to take his calls for 8 months & He had to have 3 cadaver bones in his neck. The horrible surgeon did a terrible job leaving him in chronic pain. Now he’s on pain killers & have 2 Nerosurgeons that I’ve heard are very good he’s agreed to get their opinion. An Orthopedic did his botched surgery. I’ve had so many friends lose their children. We even open recovery houses in Lauderdale by the Sea. But nothing worked the bottom line is they have to want it..Hopefully he’s older & broken down & will see the light. I’m suppose to see a healing Catholic priest the last Thursday of the month in W. Palm hopefully he’ll go with me. Congratulations to your son for all the good he’s doing. God Bless you Beverly & your family & thank you .

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