charlie sheen's super bowl sized sobriety

No one ever really believed Charlie Sheen would truly get clean, let alone to the nth degree. But there was one person who wasn't surprised by Charlie Sheen's Super Bowl-sized sobriety -- and that was Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen's Super Bowl-Sized Sobriety

Charlie Sheen seems to be having a blast in sobriety. That's the message we get from his pre-Super Bowl interview with People Magazine. And it's also the message Sheen gives in this year's Planters Peanut Super Bowl ad.

It's only a line. But it's a perfect line. As funny as it is well-timed. It also comes at Sheen's own expense. Better still, it came directly from the actor himself.

The Super Bowl spot finds Mr. Peanut making a mad dash to deliver a can of Planters Mixed Nuts to Alex Rodriguez. Mr. Peanut is at the wheel of The Planters NUTmobile. Or he's holding on to the wheel anyway, while the peanut-shaped hot rod careens through the streets. At one point the NUTmobile literally flies off a trailer ramp. Then it speeds past Sheen, who happens to be sitting on a bus bench with some random old lady. That's when Charlie gets to deliver his perfect line.

"And people think I'm crazy."

Again, it's perfect. The timing, the context, the five words themselves. The line even looks perfect on Charlie's face. And again, it came from Sheen himself.

"The original line was, 'That guy’s driving like a nut,'" Sheen told People. "And then as soon as I said [the new line], I could hear the reaction of the crowd around the monitor. It was pretty obvious that was the one they would go with."

“It turned into more of a moment,” he adds.

The line certainly did. And does. So it's only a line. But if you consider where it came from, how it got there, and what it means, it's so very much more. At once a nod to Sheen's heavily-checkered past and an indicator of an increasingly bright future. More importantly perhaps, the line shows Sheen is at home and having a blast in a new and improved present.

Sober Charlie

A Rod and Mr. Peanut may be the featured players in Planters' Super Bowl drive-by, but Sheen is really the star of this road show. And the reference to Sheen's more than colorful and headline-making past clearly shows that Sheen’s happy to be sober and living a lifestyle full of blue skies.

“I’ve been sober almost 14 months," he says. "That was the biggest change for me. I really focus on my health, my family and work will come next. I’m excited to be excited again."

Sheen claims his sobriety hasn’t been a struggle. He was simply ready for his life to change. "I came to it on my own," he says. "It was just one of those epiphany moments."

Sheen also keeps a few sober tricks up his sleeve for when things might get a little shaky.

"All I have to do is flash on four or five scenarios that live on the forefront of my memory and just remind myself this is what happened," he says. "I don’t put myself in positions where dangerous things could happen. I just have a confidence and a focus. And a game plan and I stick to it.”

Sheen's the father of five, who range in age from nine to 33. And he fills his days by exercising, working on future projects and spending dad-time with his kids.

Do Sheen's kids ever ask questions about his wild past? You bet. And papa is eager to share some very serious answers.

"I always tell them look, anything you’re curious about or stuff that you think might be dangerous or unhealthy, I’m the guy to talk to," he says.

"I don’t come at them with judgment or anything but love," he adds. "My experiences can prevent them from going down a similar road, so the whole journey wasn’t a complete waste of time. I have all the data."

To celebrate the Super Bowl, as well as Charlie Sheen's Super Bowl-sized sobriety, Sheen threw a sober Super Bowl party. Yes, Planters Peanuts were on hand.

"[Planters] has been a main staple of my snacking choices over the years," he says.

Sheen's current drink of choice however doesn't have as much of a history.

"I’m a ginger ale guy," he says. Then adds, "it still has got ‘ale’ in the title!"

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