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I came into Recovery Boot Camp as a victim of society. I blamed everything for my problems. I never took responsibility for anything in my life. I'd robbed my family members. I'd robbed friends. I never truly offered myself to anybody. Couldn't comprehend love; didn't love myself. And at the end I wasn't even getting high or drunk anymore. I was just using not to be sick.

That's David, talking about how it was when he entered Recovery Boot Camp. Like most addicted men, the Philadelphian had pushed addiction so far for so long that he'd become broken. So when David arrived at RBC, he desperately needed help. He knew it. And we knew it. So he got it.

Now David is among Recovery Boot Camp's all-star alumni. He still has a sponsor. He still works the 12 Steps. And he still lives by A.A.'s Big Book. David also sponsors other men. That is, he takes them through the 12 Steps and guides them toward the path to long-term sobriety. Equally important, David's there anytime any man needs him. For any reason whatsoever.

David's not only come a long way; he's also helped many other addicted men come a long way. And we at RBC couldn't be more proud, or more grateful. For his efforts, as well as for the shining example he sets.

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