Delray Beach Addiction Treatment Center

Recovery Boot Camp is a Delray Beach addiction treatment center for men who are truly serious about sobriety. We are a no nonsense, by the Big Book Florida rehab. And our goal is to help men lead full and sober lives.

The Advantages in a Delray Beach Addiction Treatment Center

There are many advantages in choosing a Delray Beach addiction treatment center, especially considering the geography. For instance, a Delray Beach rehab puts you in the center of an active and thriving recovery community. So you'll always be close to sober support. It'll also place you within minutes of parks and beaches and the myriad healthy activities both have to offer. Delray Beach, of course, also happens to have some of the best weather on the entire planet, as well as one of the largest concentrations of recovery-friendly workplaces in the country. This way, if you decide to stay beyond your 30, 60, 90 or 180-day addiction treatment program, your clear skies will be met with clear sailing in the job market.

Delray Beach also boasts a strict set of rules governing recovery centers. So does Florida. This means you'll assuredly be receiving addiction treatment in a facility that's met both extensive local and state requirements. You and your loved ones will also benefit from the assurance such adherence provides.

Most importantly, perhaps, a Delray Beach addiction treatment center gives you the opportunity to remove yourself from the people, places and things that drove your addiction. Recovery comes surest when triggers and temptations are removed from the equation. And removing triggers and temptations provides the time and the distance to fully focus on recovery. Time and distance that's essential to long-term sobriety.

The Recovery Boot Camp Difference

You know the phrase many are called but few are chosen? Well, many rehabs are out there, but few are as effective as Recovery Boot Camp. And no Delray Beach addiction treatment center can beat our recovery record. None that care to share anyway.

Want proof? Just check our pages upon pages of addiction treatment center reviews. There you'll find first-person proof from all across the country. Same goes for our numerous video testimonials, which come from every region in America, and every imaginable walk of life. Want even more proof? Then take a look at our Vista Research Group page and its attendant Recovery Outcomes Report. There you'll see actual by-the-numbers evidence of our effectiveness. And rest assured, we are as serious about collecting our evidence, as we are adamant in maintaining our effectiveness.

Recovery Boot Camp's Basic Training program includes:

  • Non-Opioid M.A.T.: medication-assisted does not have to mean newly-addicted
  • Dual-Diagnosis: because co-occurring disorders need to be treated as such
  • Extensive Coursework: covering the dynamics of addiction, as well as recovery
  • Life Advising: cleaning up the day-to-day is essential to long-term sobriety
  • Comprehensive Wellness: from holistic healing to weight and exercise training
  • Family Therapy: in order to restore damaged relationships with loved ones
  • One-on-One Counseling: tailored treatment from a trained recovery professional
  • Recovery Boot Camp also plays it by A.A.'s Big Book. That means we adhere to the 12 Step practices and principles in our treatment program, as well as our everyday affairs. Why? Because A.A.'s Big Book is an successful guide to sober living. And it's been a successful guide since the 1930s. And we don't argue with success. Especially nearly a century's worth of success.

    Make the Move

    Has addiction upended your world? Have you lost a job or a home due to substance abuse? Have drugs and alcohol replaced your family and friends? Then it's time you make the move. Actually, make two moves. Opt in for the miracle of sobriety. And opt out of the misery of addiction. And choosing a Delray Beach addiction treatment center is the very best way to do both.

    Give Recovery Boot Camp a call. Let us help you become the man you were meant to be all along. You'll be glad that you did. So will your friends. So will your family. And so will everyone else you come across in your new and exciting sober life.

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