Delray Beach Drug Rehab for Men

Why a Delray Beach Drug Rehab for Men?

There are many reasons for seeking addiction treatment at a Delray Beach drug rehab for men. Some of those reasons are obvious. Some are not so obvious. All however are well worth your attention.



A drug rehab for men will give you the space you need to focus on your recovery. In other words, an addiction treatment center for men will free you from the normal distractions of relationships. Not that there's anything wrong with them, mind you. It's just that in rehab your total focus needs to be on sobriety.

A Delray Beach drug rehab for men will place you in the center of a thriving and active recovery community. A South Florida addiction treatment center will also give you a chance to take advantage of the many healthy outdoor activities the region has to offer. And doesn't fun and sun and sobriety sound good?


Men are different than women. You know it. We know it. They know it. And that difference includes the physiological effects of substance abuse. If addiction affects men and women differently, shouldn't addiction treatment also be different? Of course it should.

The Go-To Delray Beach Drug Rehab for Men

Recovery Boot Camp has become the go-to Delray Beach drug rehab for men who are serious about sobriety. We are abstinence-based. We are sober-supported. And we adhere to the practices and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. Most importantly, we provide you with the time and the space necessary to focus on your recovery.

RBC also provides you with the tools necessary to achieve long-term sobriety. We offer a fully immersive program that includes coursework, encounter sessions, one-on-one therapy and life skills. The program's called Basic Training, because it provides just that. Hardcore, full-on training in the basics of recovery. No foolin.'

Through the kind and generous support of the Schnellenberger Family Foundation, RBC also includes the family into the recovery equation. Why? Because too many families have been broken apart by addiction. And bringing them back together is key to long-term sobriety.

RBC and its adjacent Healing Properties sober living facility have been helping men achieve long-term sobriety since 2002. Over 5000 men have gone through our doors. And most of those men continue to lead full and sober lives. Want proof? Check RBC's Testimonials page. Or take a peek at HP's sober home reviews. Better yet, check RBC's Vista Page. There you'll find all the charts and graphs you need to see how we succeed in sobriety. In fact, you'll see we beat the national recovery average in every possible category.

Get Addiction Help Now!

Is addiction ruining your life? Has substance abuse caused you to fall out of favor with your friends and your family? Have you lost a job or a home due to your chronic drinking and drugging? Then it's time for you to get help.

Recovery Boot Camp is a Delray Beach drug rehab for men, yes. But we're also the kind of addiction treatment center that's serious about succeeding in sobriety. In other words, we care. And that means our care is beyond reproach. Read over our reviews. Check out our testimonials. Look into the evidence-backed results page. There you'll find proof positive that we can help you go on to live a full and sober life.

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