Things to Look for in a Reputable Delray Beach Drug Rehab

There are things to look for in a reputable Delray Beach drug rehab; things that could very well spell the difference between succeeding and failing in sobriety.


Reputation is of course the initial main ingredient is a reputable Delray Beach drug rehab. A South Florida addiction treatment center's reputation must not only precede it, but it must precede it positively and widely. In other words, a rehab with a good-standing character that is both long-held and widespread, by the addiction treatment industry, as well as by its alumni. You want to really know what's in a rehab's name? Google it. If the results come back positive all across the board, then you've got a reputable rehab.


Accreditation goes a long way in identifying a reputable Delray Beach drug rehab. Has the addiction treatment center been accredited by various local, state and federal regulatory agencies? Has it been recognized by reputable non-profits and other NGO watchdogs? If so, which ones and in what capacity? You'll want to choose a rehab that not only adheres to official standards, but that which also sets the bar even higher.

Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations also go a long way in identifying a reputable Delray Beach rehab. There are the rules and regulations that lead to official accreditation. And there are the rules and regulations that lead to sobriety. The best addiction treatment centers not only follow and play by the mandatory rules; they make rules for their clients to follow too. Then they make their clients stick to those rules. A reputable rehab realizes that fighting substance abuse can mean life or death, and they set their tone accordingly.

Success and Longevity

Success and longevity are the hallmarks of a reputable Delray Beach rehab. An addiction treatment center earns accreditation by following the rules and adhering to regulations. And that, in turn, leads to rehab's success and longevity. Finally, success and longevity form the basis of its reputation. How many men have been treated by a substance abuse center? What were the results? Did they get sober and stay sober? If so, for how long? A reputable rehab's success is as much because it's been around, as it is because it's clients are still around too.

A Reputable Delray Beach Drug Rehab

Recovery Boot Camp fits the criteria of a reputable Delray Beach rehab. It's got a good, solid reputation. (RBC alumni hail from all across America, and they're unanimous in their praise of the facility.) It's got good, solid accreditation. (RBC's been accredited by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences, the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, and the Joint Commission, which awarded us its coveted Gold Seal of Approval.) It's got a good, solid history of establishing, adhering to and following rules and regulations. (RBC helped lead the way for recovery industry regulation.) And it's got a good, solid success rate with long-term sobriety. (In conjunction with its adjacent Healing Properties sober living facility, RBC has helped well over five thousand men get sober -- and stay sober.)

If you're seeking a reputable Delray Beach drug rehab, then get in touch with us today!

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