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There are many reasons to seek substance abuse treatment at a Delray Beach treatment center. Among those reasons is geography. In Delray Beach you'll be far from the triggers and temptations that drove your addiction. And you'll be in a locale that thrives on fun and sun and the outdoors. More importantly, you'll be among a sober class of men who are serious about recovery. Some of those men may only have days in; others will have many years. Either way though, all will have something valuable to offer.

If you're truly looking to achieve long-term sobriety, you'd do well to consider seeking treatment in Delray Beach.

Delray Beach Treatment Center

Recovery Boot Camp is a Delray Beach treatment center that's committed to helping men achieve long-term sobriety. We feature a Three Phase, Step Down Basic Training program. And we adhere to the principles and practices put forth by Alcoholics Anonymous. Our staff of highly-trained therapists, counselors, case-workers and techs are all in recovery. That means, they know full well what it takes to get and stay sober.

RBC also offers the fellowship of men who, like you, are serious about getting and staying sober. Many of our alumni are also graduates of our adjacent Healing Properties sober living facility. And a large cross section remain ever-ready to help the man in need. Others return home to newly-recharged and highly-fulfilling lives. And there they too are quick to provide assistance whenever a fellow alcoholic or addict is in need.

Yes, Recovery Boot Camp is located in Delray Beach. And yes, we're close to outdoor activities, job opportunities and, of course, the Atlantic Ocean. More importantly, we succeed in sobriety. Do you want to be the man you were meant to be? Then, get in touch.

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