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The Sun-Sentinel heralded Dr. Phil taking his Path to Recovery Boot Camp the other day. And Recovery Boot Camp couldn't be more proud to be among the exclusive list of addiction treatment providers on Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery!

So says RBC CEO and founder Tim Schnellenberger, who was extensively quoted in Special Correspondent Brian Feldman's article.

As Feldman's piece notes, Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery, which was created by Dr. Phil McGraw and his son, Jay McGraw, is a virtual reality (VR) program in which individuals at drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities can feel as though they're face to face with the renowned talk show host and psychologist. The program takes advantage of Dr. Phil's more than 45 years of experience working in the mental health profession, including in the field of addiction recovery.

And as Schnellenberger said, "We are using Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery as part of a patient addiction treatment plan, depending on what comes up in specific issues."

"Dr. Phil’s program addresses various topics including self-concept, coping skills, rewarding successes, managing recovery, relaxation, enabling, maladaptive thought processes, congruency, emotions and goal attainment," said RBC therapist and clinical director Lauren Tynes, who was also quoted in Feldman's article. Adding that the VR treatment could come in handy when defense mechanisms are complicating a client's talk therapy process.

One of those who found some handiness in Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery was Clyde, who praised the integration of Dr. Phil's VR treatment into Recovery Boot Camp's extensive substance abuse program.

“Picture having a shelf full of self-help books all put into one volume, then shared with you face to face and highlight by highlight -- Dr. Phil-style," said Clyde.

Clyde even had glowing words to say about the VR experience itself.

"Heck, on some of the exercises it even appears you’re sitting right across from Dr. Phil in his office!," he said.

Clyde, like most recovering addicts, also managed to be rather sober about assessing Dr. Phil's bringing his Path to Recovery to Recovery Boot Camp.

"Do I think Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery will “cure” me of my addiction? Of course not. And neither does Dr. Phil. But Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery Boot Camp will most certainly aid those who are battling addiction."

"And considering the fight is for my very life," added Clyde, "I’ll take all the extra help I can get."

That's just what Recovery Boot Camp intended by adding Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery to its existing arsenal. And it's also what Dr. Phil intended when he chose to take the Path to Recovery Boot Camp. There was some serious vetting involved, on both sides. And both sides concluded likewise. The more addiction treatment weapons at an addict's disposal, the better the chance at recovery. And every addict deserves all the help they can get.

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