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Much ado has been made about opioid addiction (and rightly so). But one in every 12 adults has a drinking problem. And that can be just as damaging -- to your health, to your welfare and to your family. That's why we at Recovery Boot Camp want you to know that if you've got a drinking problem, we're here for you too.

How to Tell if Someone Has a Drinking Problem

Does the drinker express guilt every time he takes a drink? Does he apologize with each cocktail? Does he promise to stop drinking and then continues to drink? Well, then that man is probably a problem drinker.

Indeed, broken promises are one of the strongest signs that a person has a drinking problem. He vows to skip the bar on the way home, then doesn't. He says he'll put the money to bills, then doesn't do that either. Mostly though, he promises to quit drinking. Yet somehow he never does. Every broken promise causes more guilt and shame. Guilt and shame causes more drinking. And the deadly cycle continues.

Some problem drinkers have decided to cut back and found themselves unable to do so. Other problem drinkers might not have gotten past the stage of thinking about cutting back. In any case, a drinker who thinks he is drinking too much is usually right.

Sometimes problem drinkers get defensive about their drinking because they're not ready to admit that they have a problem. Or maybe they're scared that if they admit it, they'll have to give up drinking before they're ready to do so. If a drinker is defensive about his drinking, he's likely a problem drinker.

Alcohol Use Disorder

Here are the criteria for defining Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD):

  • Drinking more alcohol, or for longer, than intended
  • Unsuccessfully trying to cut down or stop drinking
  • Spending a lot of time drinking or feeling sick from a hangover
  • Drinking interfering with daily life and/or relationships
  • Cravings for alcohol
  • Continues to drink even though hurts family and friends
  • Repeatedly in situations where alcohol risks harm
  • Having to consume more alcohol to achieve desired effects
  • Continuing to drink even though it worsens a health condition
  • Alcohol-induced anxiety or depression
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms

Find Help for Your Drinking Problem

Have you ever felt you should cut back on your drinking? Has anyone suggested alcohol has become a problem? Have you gotten into arguments over your alcohol intake? Has drinking got you into fights? With your friends? With your family? How about with strangers? A yes to any or all of the above is a clear indication that you've got a drinking problem.

Drinking problems come in many forms, from daily alcohol abuse to binge drinking. Whatever the case, alcohol abuse destroys lives. Yours and those around you too. But you can break free from alcoholism. And you can become the man you were meant to be. If, that is, you find effective help for your drinking problem.

The first step is to contact a reputable alcohol addiction treatment center. Recovery Boot Camp is that rehab. In fact, we're the last addiction treatment center you'll ever need. Why? Because we help you build a future. A sober future. We're also not your ordinary rehab. Rather we give you personalized treatment, from 12 Step Dynamics to co-occurring disorders. Sure, getting sober can seem like a challenge. But you do not have to take that challenge alone. Call Recovery Boot Camp today and build yourself a better tomorrow.

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