Recovery Boot Camp is an alcohol and drug rehab for men who are serious about long-term sobriety. We mean, fully committed men. Men who truly want to be through with substance abuse. Men who want to rid themselves of addiction once and for all. Are you that man? Do you want to be that man? Then give us a call.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab for Men

Has your life spiraled out of control due to substance abuse? Have you lost a job or a home or even a loved one because of addiction? Have alcohol and drugs become more important than family and friends? Then it's time for you to seek an effective alcohol and drug rehab.

Recovery Boot Camp is that rehab. We not only help addicted men find long-term sobriety, but we also help them get their life back on track. Just check our many video testimonials or our numerous addiction treatment center reviews. There you'll find first-person accounts from addicted men who've all gone on to live full and sober lives. Men who were tired of letting themselves and everyone else down, and instead turned their lives around. Men like you.

Recovery Boot Camp's one-of-a-kind Basic Training program includes:

  • Extensive Coursework: teaching the dynamics of addiction, as well as recovery
  • Health & Wellness: to treat the mental, physical and spiritual dimensions of addiction and recovery
  • Comprehensive Therapy: both one-on-one and group sessions with seasoned recovery professionals
  • Solid Recovery Community: to provide strong sober support, on-site and around town
  • Extensive Stepwork: teaching A.A.'s successful guide to full and sober living


Recovery Boot Camp is accredited by The Joint Commission (JCI), as well as the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), among others. We're also affiliated with Healing Properties sober home, which itself is accredited by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR). Between the two we've helped over 5000 addicted men experience the miracle of sobriety. Why not make the next man you?

alcohol and drug rehab for men

The Go-To Alcohol & Drug Rehab for Men

How'd Recovery Boot Camp become the go-to alcohol and drug rehab for men? By succeeding in sobriety. It really is that simple. In fact, we've got the evidence to prove it. It's there on our Vista Research Group page. It's also there in our Recovery Outcomes Report. More importantly perhaps, evidence of our recovery success is there in the eyes of the men who are now leading sober lives. Not to mention in the eyes of their loved ones.

Recovery Boot Camp is a non-nonsense alcohol and drug rehab for men. That means we only accept men who are truly serious about long-term sobriety. Why? Because lives depend upon recovery, that's why. Ours and yours.

Do you want what we've got? Are you really ready to go to any length in order to get it? Then get in touch with us soonest. You'll be damn glad that you did. You'll also be grateful. So will your family, And so will your friends. Count on it.

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