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Whether or not the opioid epidemic sees yet another spike once COVID is finally under control remains to be seen. It's clear though that drug treatment will need to be agile if it's to effectively meet this uncertain future.

Uncharted Waters

The world is once again about to find itself in uncharted waters. And once again those waters will be particularly tempestuous for those with substance use issues. When Covid first hit, the sober world thought it could Zoom through it all without breaking a sweat. Well, a lot of the sober world thought so anyway. Or at least hoped so. We all now know that was demonstrably impossible. Zoom may be okay for standard communication, but with regards to actual interaction, well, it's not even a poor substitute. Especially for those whose lives cannot withstand isolation.

The result? A rash of relapses more prevalent than at any time in our history. And also more deadly. Much more deadly. In fact, the entire country has seen its highest overdose death rates ever. Granted fentanyl played a part. A huge part. But if there's one place to really lay blame for the opioid epidemic's fatal resurgence, it's with the pandemic itself.

Seems folks just don't like to be alone. They especially don't like being alone for days or weeks or months or, now, a full year at a time. Yet for far too many people, for far too long, alone they've been. Consequently scores upon scores have snuck out of their lonely homes and went seeking some sort of solace. Where did they find it? You guessed it. They found it in that old familiar place where it'd been lurking all along. Drugs.

Yes, that's a fake form of solace. We know that. They know that. Everybody in the world knows that. So what? If you need a hug and have been ordered to stay away from people, you'll grab the closest caress you can find.

The longer the pandemic stretched on the more people reached out for those hugs. Too many more people to fathom, let alone count. And, like we said, many, many folks found those hugs to be fatal. Now we're facing a second opioid epidemic. This time however it has the rather grave distinction of being overshadowed by Covid.

Even More Uncharted Waters

An epidemic was one thing. A pandemic was another. And a pandemically-stoked epidemic, well, that was yet another altogether. Was and is. Actually, if you think about it, the opioid epidemic was and is too. So of course is Covid. We just have the pleasure of having a compound hybrid to go with. Lucky us.

But what's to happen once we say bye-bye to Covid? After all, it is eventually going to happen. Hopefully far sooner than anyone ever hoped or expected too. And it's going to bring a rush of folks into the streets like we haven't seen since V-Day -- if even then.

In fact, that rush is already becoming evident. Anyone catch the news about South Beach? People actually seemed to lose their minds. Unfortunately it's only going to become more mindless as the world reopens.

That brings us to substance use. What if you're one of the many few who's minded his or her proverbial P's and Q's throughout the pandemic? You hunkered down, buckled up and managed to ride out the lonely without resorting to your old bad habits. Now what?

Sure you're relieved. Even proud of yourself. And you should be. Real proud. But you're also itching to get back to what you had. You know, the in-person meetings, the face-to-face therapy, the hugs and the hand-holding. Will that be enough to hold you while the world essentially goes wild?

And wild the world will go. The thing is, we need drug treatment to go wild right along with it. No, not off-the-charts, wreck-the-car wild. But at least off-track and in-a-Jeep wild. In other words, the kind of wild that's ready to handle all the bumps that come up when there's no longer a road. Because just as we're in uncharted waters; we're also going to be on unpaved roads. And drug treatment will need to be more agile than ever in order to meet the challenges to come.

Seeking Drug Treatment

Recovery Boot Camp devotes its time to supporting those who are committed to effective drug treatment. The recovery centers and the sober homes that are intent on providing quality help, whatever it takes, as well as the stakeholders who support, encourage, legislate and sometimes even design their efforts. We're also devoted to helping any and all sobriety seekers, regardless of location or need. There's a caring and committed sober network out there, and we're fortunate enough to be associated with some of the most caring and committed there are.

That's to say we're ready, willing and eager to help. So, if you're looking to turn your life around, to experience the happiness and fulfillment found in sobriety, please give us a ring. We'll point you in the right direction. No matter where you are or what kind of alcohol or drug treatment you might need. In fact, it would be an absolute honor.

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