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One Drug Treatment Center for Men/Another Drug Treatment Center for Women

Drug addiction is equally harmful and devastating for both men and women. However, studies show addiction affects men and women differently. Gender is an important factor in the type of substances used. It affects the way in which men and women become addicted to licit and illicit substances. And it determines how society reacts to the addict. While both men and women can benefit from drug treatment in South Florida, it's much more beneficial to designate one drug treatment center for men and another drug treatment center for women.

How Men are Different from Women Regarding Substance Abuse

A study conducted by Harvard Health concluded that men are more susceptible to becoming addicts than women. Men begin using substances at a younger age and a more frequent rate than women. And men are more likely able to hide their addictions for longer periods of time, which results in even more severe problems. Among the most commonly abused substances among men are alcohol, cocaine, and benzos, plus of course heroin and other opioids. Reasons men and women abuse drugs and alcohol may vary, but they include trauma (mental and physical), abuse (emotional, physical and sexual), mental health disorders (bipolar, ADD, etc) and chronic pain (from illness or injury). Left untreated, addiction can lead to damaged relationships, loss of employment, homelessness, health problems, and even death.

Drug Treatment Center for Men

Recovery Boot Camp is a drug treatment center for men that focuses on specifically male issues with addiction. We recognize the differences between men and women, both physiological and psychological, and we've designed our addiction treatment accordingly. Furthermore, removing gender from the recovery equation allows our clients to focus on their own sobriety.

We know men don't turn from addicts into productive, successful members of society overnight. It takes hard work, determination, and intensive therapy. It also takes a program that's free from all triggers and/or temptations, including women. That's why we at RBC have designed our Basic Training program solely around the needs of men.

Whether here at Recovery Boot Camp addiction treatment center or our adjacent Healing Properties sober living facility, you'll also find strength in the fellowship of men who are serious about getting sober -- and staying sober. In other words, a foundation built firmly on the drive to succeed in long-term sobriety.

Be the Man You Were Meant to Be

RBC is dedicated to helping men experience the miracle of sobriety. Don't let drugs and alcohol keep you from being the man you were meant to be. If you're looking for drug treatment in South Florida, call Recovery Boot Camp today at 561-563-8880.

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