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Seeking Effective Addiction Treatment?

Has substance abuse wrecked your world? Have you gone broke because of addiction? Are you being shunned by family and friends due to drugs and alcohol? Have you decided to commit to sobriety? Then it's time you sought effective addiction treatment.

Yes, it's true. Not every addiction treatment program is an effective addiction treatment program. To truly succeed in sobriety, an addiction treatment program needs to treat the disease of addiction with the same seriousness that it treats overall recovery. That is, it must address the physical, mental and spiritual components of substance use disorder. And it must do so with complete rigor.

Among the components to look for in effective addiction treatment are:

  • Comprehensive Wellness: Does the rehab take a holistic approach to healing?
  • One-on-One Counseling: Does the rehab provide an opportunity for deep, face-to-face investigation?
  • Group Therapy: Does the rehab also provide the give-and-take found in a group setting?
  • 12 Step Dynamic: Does the rehab play by The Big Book?
  • Life Skills Advising: Will the rehab advise and assist in matters concerning the return to your day-to-day life?
  • Fellowship: Does the rehab provide strong sober support?
  • Family Programs: Does the rehab include the family in its addiction treatment program?
  • Targeted M.A.T.: Will the rehab effectively treat co-existing disorders rather than simply substitute one addiction for another?

If the addiction treatment center in question can answer yes to all of the above, well, then you've got yourself an effective addiction treatment center.

Effective Addiction Treatment Center

Recovery Boot Camp is that rehab. RBC provides effective addiction treatment for men who are serious about recovery. And we do so in the most comprehensive and effective manner possible. Want proof? Just check our Vista Page or our Recovery Outcomes Report. There you'll find evidence-based numbers to back up our claim. Want even more proof? Then check our addiction treatment center Reviews and our Video Testimonials. There you'll find first-person accounts from addicted men who've all gone on to lead full and sober lives.

Recovery Boot Camp offers all of the above and then some. We call it Basic Training. And it will get you in shape to become the man you were meant to be from the get. No foolin.'

Recovery Boot Camp is certified both statewide (FARR) and nationally (NAATP). RBC is also recipient of The Joint Commission's coveted Gold Seal of Approval. That means even the powers-that-be recognize the effectiveness of our addiction treatment program.

Furthermore, RBC counts many reputable affiliations, including our adjacent Healing Properties (which has been helping addicted men since 2002) and The Schnellenberger Family Foundation (which sponsors all our Family Programs). RBC is also allied with the notable ladies at The Addict's Mom and the renowned Dr. Phil. In fact, Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery is available to all RBC clients.

Now What?

Well, we've told you what to look for in a rehab. And we told you where to find it. Now it's up to you to make the move. If you're truly serious about long-term sobriety and are willing to commit to recovery, then get in touch with us pronto. Because there's an exciting new world on the other side of effective addiction treatment.

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