Family Recovery Programs

Substance abuse isn’t an individual issue. That's a given. Addiction affects everyone who loves an addict, especially family members. That's why Recovery Boot Camp created our Family Recovery Programs to begin with. It's also why those programs form the basis of our addiction treatment. And from beginning to end it's made for some very effective addiction treatment.

Family Recovery Programs

Family dynamics can suffer significantly after a member becomes addicted to drugs. The lying and the hiding puts a strain on even the strongest of relationships. In fact, many addicts come to feel that they cannot look their loved ones in the face. And as a consequence, many family members end up feeling deeply hurt.

But family recovery programs can and do help. We know. That's why our Basic Training program includes three of best.

  • Basic Training: Family Educational Webinar Our weekly Family Educational Webinar corresponds to RBC clients’ own Basic Training. Minister to the Community Rabbi Mark Rotenberg conducts the series. Lead Basic Training Instructor David Zaiff handles its production. The goal? To equip the family with the tools necessary to effect long-term recovery, for themselves as well as their loved ones.
  • Basic Training: Family: Family Educational Weekend Our Family Educational Program is geared towards the needs of the immediate family members of drug and alcohol addicts. The intent? To provide the family a complimentary weekend in South Florida with the addict, supporting him, and most importantly learning to be a force for healing and recovery.
  • Basic Training: Family Educational Retreat Our Family Educational Retreat is where we take to the road for a comprehensive three-day Family Recovery immersion program. The objective? To combine the educational know-how of our Basic Training: Family Educational Webinar series with the face-to-face insight gleaned from our Basic Training: Family Educational Weekend. RBC's Family Retreat features guest speakers, role-playing workshops, assessment tests, treatment seminars, group therapy sessions and a many more recovery-related activities.

(All of Recovery Boot Camp's Family Recovery Programs are made possible by grants from the Schnellenberger Family Foundation.)

Why Family Recovery Programs?

Through therapy and healing, families get the chance to rebuild all that was lost. Loved ones learn they can turn the page on addiction. And then start a new chapter in living. A chapter called sobriety.

Interpersonal relationships can make or break a recovery.  An addict is much more likely to relapse if he feels isolated or alone. Therefore family becomes of paramount importance.

But being there isn't always easy, especially after a loved hasn't been there for awhile. And knowing what to do once a loved one enters recovery can be even harder. Harder still is knowing what to do once a loved one leaves rehab. Do we comfort? Do we nourish? Or do we show tough love? Generally, it's all of the above and then some.

While knowing what to do is key to recovery; knowing when to do it is just as key. Yes, family recovery programs will arm you with the facts. But they'll also arm you with the insight of when and how to apply those facts. Timing is indeed everything, at every stage of sobriety. And once the family gets its timing, sobriety becomes clockwork.

We all want what's best for our loved ones. And we're all willing to do whatever it takes to provide the best. Nowhere is this more true than in recovery. And nowhere is this more attainable than through family recovery programs.

(Note: To learn more about Recovery Boot Camp's Family Recovery Programs please give us a call at (561) 563-8880)

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