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September of course is National Recovery Month. But it is also the month of the Schnellenberger Family Foundation's first Family Educational Retreat. To mark both occasions, Recovery Boot Camp's own Tim Schnellenberger and legendary Coach Howard Schnellenberger took to the airwaves. Let's call it Family Retreat TV!

The Family Retreat is an offshoot of RBC's Family Educational Weekend, which itself springs from our free weekly Family Educational Webinar series. All three of RBC's family-centric programs are sponsored by the Schnellenberger Family Foundation. In fact, family-centric addiction treatment is the reason the Schnellenberger Family Foundation exists.

"What we're doing with the Family Foundation is helping to educate the families," Tim told NBC-affiliate WPTV. Hence the Family Retreat mantra: Helping Educate and Heal Families and Friends of Addicted Loved Ones

"If you have someone in your life that is addicted, you need to get better yourself," added Tim. "Because addiction doesn't just affect the addict; it affects everyone around him."

"It affected our family quite a bit," he continued. "And [my parents] had to learn with me, about the disease, and how to get better themselves, while I was getting better."

And better they got. No, it wasn't easy. As Tim noted on the broadcast, "it took me about four years," and "I put my family through hell, as all drug addicts and alcoholics do." But once Tim found recovery, he turned his attention to helping other men find recovery as well. First, with Healing Properties sober living facility, which has been in the recovery business since 2002, then with Recovery Boot Camp, which was founded in 2015.

If Recovery Boot Camp came about as a natural result of Healing Properties (and it did), then you could also say the Schnellenberger Family Foundation came about a natural result of Recovery Boot Camp. And they're all the result of a family fighting the good fight -- and winning!

"Beverlee and I love being a part of this because we're a model of a family that was all screwed up [by the disease]," said the Coach. "We found a cure so we could help Tim find his cure."

More About Our First Family Retreat

SFF’s Family Educational Retreat runs from September 28-30 at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Downtown Delray Beach, Florida and will cover the neurological and physiological aspects of addiction. The Family Retreat will chart the impact that a loved one’s addiction has on a family’s well-being, the role each family plays in a loved one’s addiction, as well as how best to counter the impact and redefine the role. Mostly though, the Family Retreat is designed to provide the tools necessary to restore mental, emotional and spiritual health, on both sides of the recovery equation, and to ensure families are fully equipped to help their loved ones achieve long-term sobriety.

Topics include: the Disease Model, Recovery, Relapse, Boundaries & Bottoms, Family Self Care and Warning Signs (from both the addict’s and the family’s perspective). There’ll be guest speakers, as well as workshops, assessment tests, treatment seminars and group therapy sessions. Think of the Schnellenberger Family Foundation’s Family Retreat as a three-day immersion in the solution to the problem of addiction.

The Family Educational Retreat presenters are Recovery Boot Camp’s Minister to the Community Rabbi Mark Rotenberg (CADC, CPC) and RBC’s COO David Zaiff. And speakers include Lisa Hillman (author of Secret No More: A True Story of Hope for Parents with an Addicted Child; appearing with son Jacob), Kelli E. Brown (author of Estate Planning When You Have an Addicted Child), as well as Drug and Alcohol Attorney Mark Astor, Esq. (The full Family Educational Retreat schedule can be found below.)

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