Recovery Boot Camp and the Schnellenberger Family Foundation are proud to present Basic Training Family Edition, a weekly educational webinar that corresponds to RBC clients’ Basic Training. The series is conducted by Minister to the Community Rabbi Mark Rotenberg and produced by Lead Basic Training Instructor David Zaiff. And its goal is to equip the family with the tools necessary to effect long-term recovery, for themselves as well as their loved ones.


Basic Training: Free On-Line Family Edition 

An Educational Webinar presented by Recovery Boot Camp and the Schnellenberger Family Foundation


Basic Training: Family Edition is an 8-12 week educational webinar series that corresponds to RBC clients’ Basic Training. The series profiles addiction and recovery from both the loved one and family perspective, with the goal of providing families the necessary tools to see themselves and their loved ones through to long-term sobriety.


Conducted by Minister of the Community Rabbi Mark Rotenberg and Chief Instructor and RBC COO David Zaiff, Basic Training: Family Edition begins and ends with a complete Assessment of where the family stands with regards to addiction and recovery. We assess Surrender, Expectations and Resentments on a grading scale, and see how each family fares at the start of the webinar, and at its conclusion. We’ll give you the measuring stick, and allow you to hold yourselves to a quantifiable standard.


Between Assessments we educate family members about the importance of their mental, spiritual and emotional health, which acts as an adjunct to a loved one’s recovery. We dive deep into Active Addiction, Treatment and Post-Treatment, from both sides of the recovery equation. And we equip you with the information essential to restoring health and well-being for everyone involved.


Basic Training: Family Edition concludes with an All Day Q&A hosted by Rabbi Mark and Chief Instructor Dave. Why? Because we want to be absolutely certain to answer any and all questions you’ve got. So, come one, come all, and come ready. This is one Basic Training program no family will want to miss.


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