Fat Mike

NOFX's notorious four-stringing frontman Fat Mike has reportedly joined the sober army! No foolin'! In fact, he's reportedly "super happy" about it too! That's what Loudwire scribe Graham Hartmann writes anyway. And he got the goods from an interview by Spin wordslinger Josh Chesler, who went face-to-face with the melody-trafficking hardcore bad boy. Considering both Loudwire and Spin have infinite cred and their writers peddle only in truth, we're taking the news as gospel.

We're also taking the news as inspiring. Especially for the legions of NOFX's legions who may also be seeking sobriety. Battling addiction is no picnic. It ain't no playdate either. And any time a man with fans goes public about his dust-up the battlers get all the stronger.

And addiction gets all the weaker as well.

If At First...

This of course isn't the first time Fat Mike has reached for sobriety. But this is surely the most serious. Then again the preceding days did kinda dictate getting serious. It all happened after going on a weeklong binge and ending up puking blood at Avenged Sevenfold's house. Turned out the binge wasn't from all the vodka and coke, but from a very serious stomach ailment. Nevertheless, a binge was a binge. And his friends and his family and his band had already been clamoring for rehab. So after addressing his tummy issues, Mike went in and addressed his head. Damn good he did too.

"The doctor at rehab said my liver and heart were good, but the problem was that I didn’t know how to deal with issues like loneliness or divorce — or when my musical was finally supposed to open in July in L.A. and then got shut down like everything else," Mike told Chesler. "That’s when I’d start drinking and doing drugs more than I normally do. So going to rehab was awesome because I learned how to deal with issues and change my perspective on certain things instead of just going right to the bottle."

See? That wasn't so hard was it? Or was it? Mike's more than used to facing -- and/or revealing -- his personal demons. After all, he's been doing so with NOFX since 1983. Then though, he was backed by a band, as well as a shitload of drugs and alcohol. This time he'd be on his own.

Try Try Again

High lonesome didn't leave Mike feeling alone though -- it left him feeling elated.

"Going to rehab was awesome because I learned how to deal with issues and change my perspective on certain things instead of just going right to the bottle," says Mike. "Now, I’ve been sober for like three months, and I’m super happy."

Mike's also super-productive, despite having just racked NOFX's Single Album. Maybe that's because it's the band's first studio album in five long years. Or perhaps it's simply because Mike's got a new lease on life. It's quite likely both. Whatever. Mike's back at it with a proverbial vengeance.

"I’ve written almost 40 songs in three months," Mike continues. I’m just going in all kinds of different directions because well, shit, when you wake up at 8 am every day and go to sleep at 11, there’s a lot of time when you’re not trying to fucking do drugs or something. I spend an hour or two writing every day, and it’s just awesome. Stephen King said he writes every day, and that’s what I’ve been doing since I went to sober camp."

Fat Mike and Sobriety

Recovery Boot Camp would like to congratulate Fat Mike on his sobriety. We also hope that it sticks for a good long time. After all, Mike's already survived one long run. Perhaps this is just the right time for another kind of long run altogether. Sure it may take a hot minute for the world to accept a sober Fat Mike. Hell, it may even take Mike a hot minute to accept the new fact of the matter. But it'll come. And it'll take. If only it's given a fair chance.

We'd also like to salute Fat Mike's courage -- both for committing to sobriety and for the open and unadulterated way Mike talks -- and sings -- about his wild life. Mike's never held back on anything. Ever. We've got a great good feeling per won't hold back on this either.

How 'bout you? Are you ready to switch one long ride for another more positive one? Have you decided to ditch addiction and dive into sobriety like Fat Mike? You don't have to wait decades? Hell, you don't even have to wait another day. Just pick up the phone. Make the call. And help will be there before you know it. No foolin.' It happens all the time. Just like it happened to the one-and-only Fat Mike.

(Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons -- with gratitude!)

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