Florida Drug Rehab

There are many reasons to choose a Florida drug rehab. Three of those reasons are people, places and things. A Florida drug rehab will remove you from the people, places and things that drove your addiction. It will also grant you the opportunity to fully focus on your recovery. Yes, Florida is the Sunshine State. In fact, it's a haven for healthy outdoor activities of all sorts. More importantly, whether you live here or not, Florida allows for a fresh start.

What's in a Florida Drug Rehab?

In addition to removing you from harmful and unhealthy people, places and things, a Florida drug rehab offers a professional perspective to addiction treatment. Guidelines are now among the strictest in the country. And what laws and statutes don't weed out the bad actors, the marketplace will. A Florida drug rehab is only as successful as its success rate. And it takes a fully-accredited and committed staff to ensure successful, long-term sobriety.

The Go-To Florida Rehab

Recovery Boot Camp has become the go-to Florida rehab for men seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We're built upon the foundation of our adjacent Healing Properties (established 2001) and the strength of its sober fellowship. And our patented Basic Training program is second to none. We adhere to the 12 Step dynamic, in all our practices, because it works. In fact, it works wonders. No matter what the substance abuse. If you're serious about getting and staying sober, then give us a call.

Some of What We Offer

  • Intensive One-on-One Counseling and Therapy
  • Extensive Group Counseling and Therapy
  • 12 Step Dynamics
  • Dual-Diagnostic Treatment
  • M/W/F Wellness Sessions
  • Open Access Gym
  • Family Therapy
  • Life/Career Counseling

Florida Drug Rehab: The Family Dynamic

Family plays a crucial part in recovery, regardless of where you're from. That's why Recovery Boot Camp includes families in all aspects of its addiction treatment. In addition to our weekly educational webinar series (Basic Training: Family Edition), RBC (and its affiliated Schnellenberger Family Foundation) also hosts a quarterly Family Weekend. Like the webinar series, the three-day weekend extensively focuses on the family's part in the recovery equation. In this case though, families and clients are guided first-hand through the recovery dynamic. It's both informative and interactive. It's also proven to be a boon to addiction recovery.

Our Affiliations

Recovery Boot Camp addiction treatment center is an offshoot of Healing Properties sober living facility. Both RBC and HP staff are themselves in recovery. And each is well-versed in what it takes to achieve long-term sobriety. RBC's Family Programs are all sponsored by the Schnellenberger Family Foundation. RBC/HP CEO Tim Schnellenberger is the son of SFF heads Howard and Beverlee Schnellenberger. Consequently, the entire family is committed to fighting the disease of addiction.

Why Choose Recovery Boot Camp? Because RBC will make you the man you were meant to be.

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