Florida Drug Treatment

There are many pros and cons when considering Florida drug treatment. The pros however far outweigh the cons. Here are a good few of the best of them:

People, Places, Things

Florida drug treatment removes you from the people, places and things that drove your addiction. That applies no matter where you're from. Successful recovery requires you to put distance between yourself and any triggers and temptations which might derail your sobriety. And Florida drug treatment provides just that. Remember, the farther you are away from the problem, the easier it will be to live in the solution.


Geography, naturally, is a plus for those seeking Florida drug treatment. That's because Florida is awash with natural wonders. From the blue of the ocean to the uninterrupted beaches to the mighty River of Grass, nature is ever present. Consequently, the recovery benefits of nature are ever available to everyone. Sobriety demands regaining a piece of mind; the natural world can provide that.

A Regulated Recovery Industry

Florida drug treatment has been around for as long as people sought treatment for drugs, and the Florida drug treatment industry has been at the forefront in both innovation and regulation. Whether it's a sober living facility or an addiction recovery center, reputable Florida addiction treatment providers must adhere to strict guidelines. Some of those rules are enforced by the state, some by local municipalities, and others have been established by Florida's recovery industry itself. Be sure to select a Florida drug treatment provider that follows the rules and regulations.

The Go-To Florida Drug Treatment Center

Recovery Boot Camp has become the go-to Florida drug treatment center for men who are serious about sobriety. We're far from the people, places and things that drove your addiction. And our Basic Training program provides you the tools to focus solely on your recovery. Yes, we're close to the beach and the ocean. We're also not very far from the Everglades. And there are many outdoor activities to be had by all. Furthermore, we not only adhere to all the various state, local and industry regulations; we exceed them. How can we tell? Well, because we helped to establish those rules and regulations in the first place.

What You'll Get at Recovery Boot Camp

  • Basic Training Program

A fully-immersive Basic Training recovery regimen that both educates you about addiction and gives you the tools you need to succeed in sobriety.

  • One-on-One and Group Therapy

RBC clients engage with certified addiction treatment professionals on both a one-on-one and group basis.

  • Wellness

RBC offers complete wellness therapy, as well as open access to a full gym.

  • Fellowship

Recovery Boot Camp, like our adjacent Healing Properties, is built upon the fellowship of men who are serious about sobriety.

  • Recovery Staff

Every member of RBC's staff are themselves in recovery, and thus better qualified to help you clear the hurdles to sobriety.

  • The 12 Steps

RBC adheres to the tenets and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous; consequently we insist our clients find a sponsor, do the Stepwork and make the meetings essential in achieving long-term sobriety.

  • Life Skills

RBC clients receive coaching in all the life skills necessary to achieve sobriety, from the workfront to the homefront.

  • Family Engagement

Recovery Boot Camp conducts the Schnellenberger Family Foundation-sponsored Family Weekend, Family Retreat and Basic Training: Family Edition educational webinar series.

  • Program Variety

RBC's Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) comes in 30, 60 and (recommended) 90 day increments. Our Outpatient Program (OP) runs from 30 to (recommended) 90 days. Every program, regardless of duration, is backed by the full force of Recovery Boot Camp addiction treatment center and our adjacent Healing Properties sober living facility.

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