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Just when you thought Google couldn't get any bigger, along comes Google Rehab. But can we really search our way out of the opioid crisis?

Google Rehab

Okay, so Google's move into the recovery arena isn't really called Google Rehab. In fact, it's technically not even part of Google. It's being brought about by Verily, a division of Google parent Alphabet. But the initiative surely will be banking on Google's data acumen.

Actually, Verily is itself a health data company. Until now the company has mainly been known for its devices. This move into recovery involves facilities. Specifically, one facility. In Dayton Ohio. And they're calling it OneFifteen.

As endgadget reports, Verily "is teaming up with Kettering Health Network, Premier Health and Alexandria Real Estate Equities to establish OneFifteen, a "tech-enabled" campus that will help address opioid addictions. It'll include clinical services, housing for recovering patients and mixed-purpose buildings to help both patients and the local community." Verily's technical know-how will ostensibly help to "continually evolve" treatment.

OneFifteen will reportedly be ready for treatment in spring 2019. And former University Hospital chief Marti Taylor will be at the helm.

More Better Treatment?

Verily says that it isn't about to waltz in and offer an immediate solution to the opioid crisis. And that the effort will require a "deep commitment" from everyone involved. However, it's clearly betting that hands-on treating and studying addiction will lead to more effective technological addiction treatment solutions.

We at Recovery Boot Camp couldn't agree more. And we welcome OneFifteen to the battle against addiction. We're especially tickled to see Verily will be setting up shop in the very state that gave us AA. And we're eager to see what Verily's technological attack will reveal. We're for anything that will provide more and better addiction treatment for everyone. Always have been. Always will be.

We only hope that Verily, its parent Alphabet, and its sister Google, don't attempt to monopolize the recovery industry. We're especially concerned about Google shutting out search access to bona fide addiction treatment facilities in favor of OneFifteen. After all, Google Search is one of the primary ways that people find help. And it'd be a shame to deny access to facilities who've been fighting the good fight for years.

Finally, we hope Verily will share what it learns with the entire recovery community, so that everyone will have access to the latest in addiction treatment. We know technology alone won't end the opioid crisis. But it certainly can help. And all concerned should have access to that help.

Is Google Rehab Destined to Be a Thing?

Will OneFifteen end up being called Google Rehab? Will Google Rehab ever really be a thing? That remains to be seen. What is certain is that Alphabet's got the might to fight the opioid crisis. And that beating the opioid crisis is gonna require substantial might. That's why we're wholeheartedly behind Verily's newly announced efforts. It's also why we're so eager to see the result of those efforts. Because if it takes standing on the shoulders of giants to win the battle against addiction, then on the shoulders of giants we shall stand.

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