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Heroes in Recovery has two stated aims: To erase the social stigma surrounding addiction, as well as to help create a engaged and healthy sober community. We at Recovery Boot Camp say the cavalcade of encouraging and inspiring recovery stories also humanizes addiction in incredibly remarkable ways.

Among the Heroes in Recovery

Don C started getting high and skipping school at age 10. His parents sent him off to rehab when he was 13. Except for two weeks, Don would never live at home again.

At 15, Don got popped for stealing cars and was sentenced as an adult. Two years later he was back on the streets and robbing banks. Consequently, Don spent most of the next 20 years in state prisons.

Yet Don still couldn't get clean. He went on a constant crack binge. Became depressed and suicidal. Ended up homeless. Then one day it hit him. That spiritual awakening. Just as they say in A.A.

Let's let Don tell it his way:

While attending a recovery meeting, I had an awakening. I realized I was worth fighting for. I realized that I deserved to have a good life, to recover, and to become whoever I wanted to be. On a deep level, I forgave myself. I realized I'd done the best with what I had. And it was okay.

I stopped using right away. I began working with a sponsor and continually attending recovery meetings. And I began learning how to live, plus how to cope when life shows up. And miracles began to happen.

I went to school for software development. I met the love of my life and got married. We have two boys and a dog and we own our own home. I became the Director of Software Development for an international financial services company working with a team of over 25 developers. I am a public speaker and author, spreading a message of hope. If I can recover, anyone can.

The most important thing is that today I can look myself in the mirror and love the person I see — mistakes and all.

Recovery Boot Camp's Heroes in Recovery

Recovery Boot Camp has our own cavalcade of heroes in recovery. They hail from all four corners of the country. They come from all walks of life. And they've all overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Each and every one of their recovery stories is as encouraging and inspiring as the one above. Because each and every one of those men have gone on to lead full and active lives. We call it the miracle of sobriety. But it could just as well be called the truth of a sober life.

Want proof? Check out our numerous addiction treatment center reviews or our many rehab testimonials. There you'll find first-person proof, in addition to the plain, sober truth. You'll also find an army of men who've learned how to live and how to cope. Men who can now look themselves in the mirror and love what they see. Mistakes and all.

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