Dear Tim,

I arrived at healing properties 4 months ago in a last ditch effort to stay sober. Treatment, detox, hospitals, shrinks, etc… Over 35 times in some sort of treatment! I was truly sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was rushed to hospital 5 months ago, taken in near death (so says the doctor) At A.A. Meeting in old forge pa. a lady told the group that she just had a beautiful experience in Delray Beach FL. And has been sober ever since. The next day I contacted Brian z. at Healing Properties. He talked to me like he knew what he was talking about, that impressed me.

So here I am, working the program, interacting with the other alcoholics here at the properties, sometimes leaning on staff to direct my recovery. Three times in the first few weeks here I felt like drinking, and if not for living at h.p. I believe I would have went back out. I realized by seeing others that are making changes in there life I felt I could also, h.p. Will teach you things such as love and tolerance of others, I didn’t see eye to eye with everyone here but turned that in to a positive thing, I have ceased to fight anyone or anything. I am no longer a slave to alcohol, I am moving on in my recovery and most importantly my life. Some say they want to get sober to get there life back, well I never really had a life, a free life, slaves have no freedom, I am no longer the man I once was. Trust god for he will meet your needs, but not your greed.

God bless,

Randy B.

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