My name is Ian D.

Over ten years, my use of drugs and alcohol evolved from an experiment between friends to a full time obsession. By the age of 24, the hopelessness was crushing, and I moved back in with my parents. I was incapable of holding a job, forming a relationship, or living independently. Shame, fear, and guilt were my guiding forces. Death seemed the only way out.

After a small, but effective intervention, I spent thirty days in a treatment center. I was introduced to the idea that my disease required a complete spiritual and behavioral transformation for recovery. It was recommended that I spend three months in a halfway house before returning home. I rebelled against the notion, but I could no longer continue the fight. Fear and despair opened me up to suggestion. I would be going to Recovery Boot Camp/Healing Properties in Delray Beach, Florida.

A resident volunteered to pick me up at the airport. I was greeted warmly by the management and given a tour of the property. My anxiety dissipated as I saw the clean, fully furnished house were I would be staying with five other roommates. The simple rules were based on safety, sobriety, and respect. I was expected to be involved in an active program of sobriety, consisting of going to meetings and getting a sponsor.

I stayed at Recovery Boot Camp for the next eight months. I came to embrace the rules and call the property “home.” The residents and staff have become my closest friends and support group. I have come to learn respect for those around me by living with a diverse variety of housemates. The safe environment was the perfect place to find a new design for living that can be continued for the rest of my life. A mixture of structure and independence helped me to enter back into society with a new set of spiritual principles. Recovery Boot Camp facilitated my transformation into the person that I wanted to be, and helped me to find freedom and happiness. While at the property, I was reborn under God. I have left Recovery Boot Camp to pursue my dreams, but it will remain forever in my heart.

Ian D.

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