Joe Nester

Good things happen to those who get sober. Often even great good things. Take the case of Joe Nester. Back in 2012 Joe arrived at Recovery Boot Camp “broken and hopeless.” No surprise after a 10-year run of being addicted and homeless. But Joe buckled down. Took counsel. Worked the 12 Steps. And found the miracle of sobriety.

Joe also got back into writing songs. See, until sobriety, Joe only ever wrote songs when he was locked up. “That was the only time I was able to sit still long enough to do anything productive," he says. Now that Joe was clean though, the inspiration to write returned. Something he’d never have achieved without that sobriety.

“Honestly,” says Joe, “if I didn’t get sober, I wouldn’t even have the money for a guitar, let alone have the motivation to make music. Sobriety is what truly helped me discover my purpose and create inspirational and heartfelt songs. It would be very hard to do that if I was still using.”

That sobriety, and the subsequent onslaught of song, Joe owes to what came about at Recovery Boot Camp.

“When I came to Recovery Boot Camp it was unlike anything I had ever seen before.” says Joe. “Literally a whole group of guys around the same age as me who were all living clean and sober. The sense of comradery was almost unbelievable, [especially] because at the time I was so broken and hopeless. Someone there had a guitar and I used that to cope with my emotions. The songs were just flowing out each and every day!”

The more songs Joe wrote, the more solace he found. And the more he found his songs began to help console others. Joe’s songs also inspired other addicts to get clean and follow their own dreams. And now Joe counts a legion of folks in recovery who not only follow his career, but they also follow his lead.

Want proof? Just check the Joe Nester Facebook Page. There you’ll find Likes approaching 60,000. You’ll also find that sober Joe’s released a ton of music through Recovering Artists Worldwide. And that the singer-songwriter’s now taking that music nationwide.

“It’s called the “Never Gonna Take My Soul Tour” and it’s named after my biggest song to date,” says Joe. “This is actually my first all acoustic solo nationwide tour and the first of what I hope to be many tours sponsored by Recovery Boot Camp.”

When Joe was asked what message concert-goers might take home with them after one of his shows, he replies with all the candor and humility of the truly sober man.

“Anyone who has ever seen me perform live will tell you -- this isn’t just music you can hear; this is music you can feel,” says Joe. “I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’m grateful to still be alive, let alone performing all around the world.”

“The message is it’s never too late to turn it around,” Joe adds. “No matter how far gone you think you are, it’s never too late. If you have air in your lungs, then you still have a shot! You just have to be hungry. You can literally come from nothing and go on to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted and more! So long as you're willing to put in the work.”


Recovery Boot Camp is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of Joe Nester’s “Never Gonna Take My Soul Tour.” We’re even more proud of the example our RBC alum is setting among the recovery community.

You go, Joe!

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