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The Marijuana Controversy

Marijuana is still a controversial topic. So is marijuana treatment. According to Monitor the Future’s recent report, over 20 percent of 8th, 10th, and 12th graders have smoked marijuana within the past year. Commonly we see senior and college students using marijuana on a daily basis. The statistics aren't so alarming, considering marijuana has become a recreationally legalized drug in multiple states throughout the U.S. But there's a difference between using marijuana daily and abusing marijuana, recreationally or otherwise.

Does Smoking Marijuana Require Drug Treatment?

Addiction can be defined as a change in behavior caused by biochemical changes in the brain after continued substance abuse. An addict is someone who needs a substance to get through the day. Many people think that marijuana is not addictive. That thought would be wrong. If you find yourself needing pot just to cope, you've more than likely become addicted. That calls for drug treatment.

Marijuana: The Gateway Drug

Marijuana is often called 'a gateway drug.' It can open up doors to more dangerous and addictive substances. Many people began their substance abuse career with pot, and then went on to powders and pills. Either way, there can serious risks to your health -- mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Marijuana Treatment in Florida

Do you wake up and smoke a joint first thing every morning? Have you often found yourself isolated because of your marijuana use? Does pot take precedence over other aspects of your life? Then you should seek addiction treatment.
Recovery Boot Camp is an accredited addiction treatment facility in Delray Beach, Florida that helps men recover from all forms of substance abuse. Our fully-immersive Basic Training program provides the tools necessary to lead a sober and successful life. We also offer employment and education guidance, spiritual coaching, group therapy, individual therapy, wellness and more. Give us a ring.

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