Jason T grew up in Portsmouth, Ohio, setting of the opiate epidemic chronicle Dreamland. At 13 he was drinking. By 19 he was running with a drug dealer and shooting black tar heroin.

“I was so strung out on that black tar; there wasn’t much I wouldn’t do for it. I have done several months in jail on several occasions, serving a felony and several misdemeanors as well. I never went to prison, a fact that I consider a miracle today.”

After a few court order treatments, Jason finally got sober. And he stayed sober for almost two years.

“Even after I had some sobriety, I lived in the delusion of normalcy, thinking that I could be off heroin and pills, but smoke weed or drink from time to time. It didn’t work. I went right back to where I was. It lasted for 3-4 months until I gave it all up again. That time for good, at the age of 25.”

During his first sobriety, Jason had worked he way up from tech to case manager at the treatment facility. After that last last relapse, Jason was hired to do the same work at a correctional facility.

“The sheriff who gave me that second chance told me that I needed to go back to school within the next year. I got back in school at age 27, got my associate degree, my bachelor’s degree and then my master’s degree by the time I was 32, all in social work.”

“Today I have 15 years of continuous sobriety. I go to 3-5 meetings in a 12-Step fellowship each week and also host one meeting per week at my home. I moved from the Dreamland portion of Ohio to Cincinnati and got the job that I’m with right now.”

“Life is one miracle after another,” says Jason. “It’s not that I have to go to work; I get to go to work.”

We at Recovery Boot Camp applaud Jason’s hard won and long-lasting sobriety. We too have seen that those who do the Steps and stay serious about the program can experience the miracle of sobriety, as well as the many miracles sobriety brings to life.

(The above is taken from Heroes in Recovery.)

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