Dear Tim,

Of all the halfway houses in Delray, the fact that I ended up in healing properties is without a doubt because of God. To be completely honest healing properties was not my first choice. I wanted to go where all my friend in treatment were going. God had different plans for me. My aftercare counselor chose HP for me and with the attitude that I had from not being able to go where all my friends were going I agreed to Healing Properties. From the moment I stepped off the plane and was warmly greeted by the Property Manager I knew it was the right decision.

My experience at Healing Properties from day one was amazing. I briefly stayed in touch with my friends from treatment and listening and comparing their halfway houses to mine I knew not only was I extremely lucky, but blessed as well. It was the environment I needed to make my beginning. The friendships I made, the structure that I was provided, the education about alcoholism I obtained, and the encouragement to go to meetings, got a sponsor, and the work the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous was crucial to my sobriety. It was exactly the environment I needed to be in after coming off an eight year run. During my stay in healing properties, I laughed, I cried, I had a spiritual experiences, and I developed my self-esteem and self worth back. Healing Properties taught me once more how to be a productive member of society.

I will forever hold the utmost respect and love for Healing Properties, like I said, I attribute it as a God sent. Healing Properties saved my life and I don’t know how to thank you enough. Once again I have the desire to live.

Jon R.

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