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“I think I can ski better and I’m going to ski better here,” Nick Goepper told PEOPLE, a week and change before he was set to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. And ski better he did -- topping his 2014 Bronze Medal win at Sochi with a Silver for Team USA. It was indeed an Olympian recovery.

The feat -- and the forecast -- would be remarkable for any athlete, let alone an Olympian. But what makes world class skier Goepper’s all the more remarkable is his own one-upmanship comes on the heels of a near-crippling bout with depression and substance abuse.

“That summer of 2014, [after the Olympic victory tour], I really experienced this, like, emotional distress and really just started to kind of slide emotionally,” the 23-year-old said in a video interview with the X Games.

“I mean, there came a point when I was drinking every day," Goepper said. "And I was constantly thinking about ways to end my own life.”

A “huge turning point” came in the fall of 2015. After the star American athlete sought recovery at a rehab center.

“Talking to other people and just like befriending other people at this recovery center was hugely inspiring,” said Goepper. Rehab would also prove to be a perfect place to prepare for his Olympian recovery.

Recovery Boot Camp knows well of what the star-skier speaks. Sure, Nick Goepper’s an extraordinary talent with an extraordinary story. But we see such extraordinary stories lived out every single day. Men who come in to our addiction treatment center suffering their own near-crippling bouts of depression and substance abuse. Men who then find a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in recovery.

Yes, we’re well familiar with American skier Nick Goepper’s Olympian recovery story alright -- we call them miracles.

Thanks, Nick! And Thanks Team USA!

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