PHP Process

Clients who enter into our Partial Hospitalization Program meet medical necessity for these levels of care. Their treatment plans are intensive within the first four weeks of treatment while complying with the Partial Hospitalization programmatic schedule. Clients are required to have a verifiable Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step sponsor within the first three days of admission and further meet onsite with this sponsor within the first seven days of admission.

Identifying Addictive Behaviors

Clients will receive assessments within the first week of admission:

  • History & Physical Evaluation
  • Initial Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Biopsychosocial Assessment

All of these assessments coupled with intake assessments are utilized to identify and address underlying causes, problematic behaviors, wavering levels of motivation, and unresolved issues contributing to their addictive behaviors.

During our Partial Hospitalization Program clients continue to meet with medical staff until mental health conditions or biomedical conditions present as stabilized. Clients also meet with their primary therapist at least one hour per week for individual therapy and also receive 30+ hours of group therapy per week providing clinical process, twelve step facilitation, psychoeducational information, spirituality, life skills training, as well as health and fitness activities.

Clients additionally live onsite within our residential housing in addition to our structured sober living should they be in the Partial Hospitalization Program level of care. Clients are also required to attend seven AA meetings per week with transportation provided by this facility.

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